Baby Shower giveaway from CBS ‘The Talk’

Are you a fan of The Talk?

The Talkis a daytime talk show on CBS featuring a panel of well-known news and entertainment personalities having “The Talk” about current events, pop culture, contemporary issues, family, celebrity and the trending topics of the day. Co-hosted by Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne, Sheryl Underwood and Aisha Tyler, The Talk airs weekdays, 2:00-3:00 PM, ET; 1:00-2:00 PM, PT.

Can I just tell you that co-host Sharon Osbourne is my favorite?  LOVE her! I watched her back when they had the Osbournes show, I have read her books… she is amazing.  Back on April 24, Sharon’s son Jack and his fiancée, Lisa Stelly, welcomed their daughter Pearl into the world.  In honor of Sharon becoming a new grandmother, The Talk celebrated the occasion with a “Million Dollar” baby shower show filled with giveaways for an audience of expectant mothers, which aired Friday, April 27.  The expectant mothers were surprised with an exciting hour of gift-giving, providing them with everything they need to prepare for their new arrivals. From onesies and bottles to strollers and cribs, the audience was showered with more than $1 million in gifts.

How amazing must that have been?!

Are you pregnant?  Do you know someone who is?  It seems like just about everyone I know is pregnant right now!  Both my sister in law and my sister, some girlfriends…

We have some exciting news for you, especially if you are an expectant mom!

We are giving away a MEGA Baby Shower Package, valued at almost $800!

Quinny Zapp Xtra Stroller: $300: The Quinny Zapp Xtra has a seat that reclines in both forward and rear facing mode and has an ultra-compact fold, which makes it the perfect solution for the mom always on-the-go.

Maxi-Cosi Mico Infant Car Seat: $200: The Maxi-Cosi Mico is the lightest weight infant carrier available, designed to fit mom’s busy lifestyle and available in 12 bold color choices.

Safety 1st Bundle: $150: Safety 1st has been a leader in child safety for more than 25 years providing innovative, quality and safe products for parents and babies like their brand new Sound Moments Audio Monitor.

Isabelle Grace: $168: IsabelleGraceJewelry is a celeb mommy favorite, offering beautiful, elegant designs to keep your kids close to your heart such as the Vermeil Minis necklace, handmade and personalized with your chosen initials and semi-precious stones.

To see more on select products featured on THE TALK’s “Mrs. O’s Million Dollar Baby Shower” click here.  In addition to tuning in to the show, you can also follow up with The Talk on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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Written by 5 Minutes for Mom Contributing writer Liza. Liza is a mom of three boys – a five year old and four year old twins. On her personal blog, Cira’s Lyrics, she writes about family, chaos and day to day happenings. She also writes reviews at Buy-Her where she focuses on fashion, beauty products, and more. Connect with Liza on twitter at @Liza_Rae.


  1. says

    For me, a new crib. I bought a used crib 8 years ago for my first, and a friend gave me her old used crib when I had my twins.

  2. Ashley C says

    We are expecting our second, so a double stroller would be amazing!


  3. Ivy T says

    The ultimate baby shower gift, for me, was a Target gift card for those late night excursions when you run out of diapers/rash ointment/etc. Convertible car seat would be a close runner-up

  4. Amber Smith says

    My ultimate baby shower gift would be sleep. Anyone willing to sit for me even for 1 hour would be the greatest gift of all.

  5. Amanda B says

    The best shower gift for me were the handmade hand me down blankets from my mother in law. They were my husbands as a baby and were made by his grandmother who has since passed. It is wonderful that they are still in good condition and I can use them for my little one.

  6. Kelly D says

    An Ultimate gift would be the matching nursery furniture- crib, changing table & rocking chair.

  7. Lauren says

    my ultimate baby shower gift would be something for the MOM to enjoy, diapers, or something more expensive (if I can afford it and the parents to be cannot) like a high chair or car seat.

  8. says

    My ultimate baby shower gift would be a post-birth doula to cook, do laundry and bring me food, water, books, etc.!

  9. says

    That’s a hard question to answer. It’d have to come from the heart. I’m not so much in to the materialistic end of it.

    Two of the things I’ve seen that have touched me have been a custom stitched photo album and a scrapbook filled with sayings and quotes for new parents.

  10. says

    A giftcard to amazon, target or walmart so you can pick out what you want and when you run out of something you need you can just go their and get it without worrying about not having enough money(wipes, diapers, ointments, etc)

  11. holly says

    i would love a nursery makeover, including some kind of mural on the wall :) i’m not creative enough to do it myself!

  12. Heather Slater says

    We will soon be the parents of 3 under 3. In fact, when baby arrives, our oldest will be only 27 months old. We have an awesome double stroller, but really need a triple.. That would be my ultimate gift! Or another crib. Need one of those, too. :)

  13. Emilia Turner says

    A new stroller that turns easily and smoothly and is a comfortable height and a bright colour.

  14. says

    My Ultimate baby Shower gifts were diaper of all sizes, cause you will need them down the road. I’d love the prize pack here when I was pregnant, but if I won I would be giving it to my cousin’s daughter.

  15. says

    My ultimate shower gift would be that car seat. I had a baby back in October, and we had nearly nothing for him, as we’d been told not to buy anything since we were going to get a shower. We never got the shower, and he’s growing very quickly out of the car seat we purchased for him at a yard sale.

  16. Bonnie says

    This would be great for my daughter. She is having her 1st baby and they do not have much money. They are hard workers and deserve this wonder ultimate Baby Shower .👼👼👼👼👼

  17. Steph says

    I think that one of those really cool diaper cakes or a personalized blanket for baby would be great.

  18. Jennie says

    I’d love to receive a crib, infant car seat, or nursery decorations for my little girl due in August.

  19. Danielle S says

    To me, the greatest gift (besides the big stuff like bassinet, car seat, etc) would have to be a full set of new born sized cloth diapers!

  20. says

    Gift cards are my favorite shower gift to give and receive. They come in handy, especially in those first few months.

    I would love the Isabelle Grace Jewelry. It’s something I would love to have, but would probably never buy myself. What an awesome giveaway.

  21. says

    Oh my gosh this giveaway is amazing!!!!!!! Thank you for the chance, I could do a lot of good with this stuff :)

    My ultimate baby shower gift would be a Young America white Crib

  22. David Holder says

    Food! Perhaps someone to stop by each day to cook and clean for a few weeks after the baby arrives.

  23. Addison Kat says

    My ultimate baby shower gift would be a brand new fancy stroller that would accomodate all 3 of my kids!!

  24. Jennifer Crewell says

    Handmade is best, My aunt made my daughter the most beautiful quilt and I am hoping she will do the same for my son on the way!

  25. Heather Holston says

    tough question. I loved everything my friends gave me. My oldest came 10 weeks early before my baby shower but I would have to say for me it was my boppy and the bouncy that turned out to be my lifesavers.

  26. Kathy Robinson says

    The ultimate shower gift would be a home meal delivery service for the first couple of weeks, especially if you have older ones. Was always to tired to cook.

  27. Richelle says

    My ultimate gift would have been a nanny for the first week. Not to take care of the baby for me, but just to have someone other than clueless, burned out dad. Someone that could remember that I fed on the right side without using a safety pin reminder. Someone to say it’s ok. Someone to say yes, you are doing this right. :)

  28. Linda says

    I think more people should include lansinoh for cracked nipples for the mom who is breastfeeding! lol

  29. Eric says

    In my humble opinion, I think onesies are pretty cool for newborns because they live in it pretty much.

  30. Wade says

    Wouldn’t it be cool to include a digital camera for the new parents to capture the precious memories of their baby?

  31. Danielle says

    The ultimate baby shower gift would be a housekeeper. That way I could still care for my child my way, but someone else could have the household chores..

  32. Jacqueline Cooley says

    The ultimate baby shower gift would be something for the mom to be. Some Maid service or an awesome spa day :)

  33. alsvegas says

    this would be my first gift to a new baby for my niece who is due in july, been unempl :) all year and have no gift,

  34. Jessica says

    The ultimate baby shower gift would be a fancy crib. I would never splurge on one for myself, but I would still love to have one in our nursery!

  35. Jennifer says

    An extra pair of hands! (We can dream, right?) – I would actually love a really nice, functional diaper bag :)

  36. Adrienne Bireley says

    The ultimate gift would be a crib or a rocking chair. OR giant boxes of diapers and formula.

  37. Louis says

    I am a sucker for these huge fancy diaper cakes
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  38. Erin E says

    My ultimate Baby Shower gift would be a bedding set with dragonflies on it for my daughters room. Thank you for the lovely giveaway!
    Erin E
    busymom369 at gmail dot com

  39. Maegan Morin says

    The ultimate baby shower gift, the one that I would LOVE to have the most is: A years worth of diapers!!!!

  40. Joe C. says

    A crib/bedroom set. Actually, a designer to come in with the whole kit and caboodle would be amazing!

  41. Betty C says

    I think the ultimate gift would be a very large Walmart gift card. They are open 24 hours a day for all those things you run out of in the middle of the night, a pharmacy and great prices too.

  42. Kelsey Little says

    The ultimate babyshower gift I received was my travel system. Aside from the crib, it was by far the most expensive item and I use it ALL. THE. TIME!!!

    shopditzydiva@yahoo dot com

  43. Cee Love says

    My ultimate baby shower gift would be one of those convertible cribs. The kind that have the changing table and dresser and then later on the convert to a toddler bed, twin bed, and then a full bed. I ALWAYS wanted one of those with each kid.

  44. Lisa Fonseca says

    I think diapers are one of the best baby shower gifts because you know they definitely need it.

  45. Savannah Miller says

    Winning this giveaway!! But really I need a new crib, After my 2nd son I got rid of mine thinking I was done having kids….. I was wrong :)

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