MICHTY ME! Brave-Inspired Scottish Dance Steps and Glossary

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I love music, and I love to dance…but when it comes to Scottish dance and terminology, I am a little lost. Since I’ll be leaving for my trip to Los Angeles for the BRAVE premiere in less than 2 weeks, I figured I’d better brush up on a few terms and dance moves. Not sure if you’ll catch me wearing a kilt, though…

Fun Scottish Terminology

BRAE: Hill

BUNCH OF GALOOTS: Many fools (galoot = clumsy, oafish person)

CRIVENS, YOU’RE FIERCE: Wow! You’re cool or ferocious or tough! (crivens = expression of surprise or shock)

DANCING TATTY BOGLE: An expression that describes something outlandish or imaginary (tatty = shabby, cheap/ bogle, boggle or bogill = ghost or folkloric being)

DREADFUL COLLYWOBBLES: Unwanted stomachache or a bad case of the nerves (collywobbles = upset stomach; intestinal disturbances or a feeling of apprehension)

FOR NAUGHT: For no reason

FINISH WHAT HE GUDDLED IN THE FIRST PLACE: Fix, clean up or otherwise remedy something that’s been horribly mishandled. (guddle = make a mess of it)

GOOGLY OLD HAG: Outlandish, unattractive senior (googly = strange, odd)

GIANT HAVING A JIGGER IN THE BLUEBELLS: Similar to Dancing Tatty Bogle, something that’s absurd or fantastical

HAGGIS: Though some will joke that a haggis is a small animal native to Scotland, it is actually a traditional Scottish pudding made with sheep’s heart, liver and lungs, encased in a sheep’s stomach and cooked for several hours. Often served with “neeps and tatties” (turnips and potatoes).


JINGS CRIVENS HELP MA BOAB: Oh my! (Exclamation of bewilderment or exasperation)

LASS: Girl

LAD: Boy

MANKY DOGS: Unsavory person or being (manky = dirty, worthless or in bad taste)

MICHTY ME: Wow! Holy cow! (An exclamation of surprise, shock or being overwhelmed)

NUMPTY: Useless individual

SCARED SIMPERIN’ JACKANAPES: Belittling description of a goofy and unworthy opponent (simpering = silly smile / jackanape = an insulting reference to a monkey or ape; a braggart; a mischievous child)

STUFF HER GOB: Eat with abandon (gob = mouth)

TUMSHIE: Turnip… or foolish person. Or both.

WILL O’ THE WISPS: Ghostly lights or small blue spirits that lead the way to treasure or doom.

Learn Some Scottish Dance Moves

Now that you have some of the terminology down, you’re ready to learn a few dance steps:

Brave dance moves

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Written by 5 Minutes for Mom writer, Lolli. You can find Lolli blogging at Better in Bulk and tweeting at @1momof5.

Note: Disney/Pixar is flying me to LA to attend the red carpet premiere of BRAVE in a few weeks, but all thoughts and excitement about the movie are my own.


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    I just booked a movie theater birthday party for my girls. We’re going to see Brave. It might be more my idea of a good party than theirs. :)

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    My girls can’t wait to see Brave. I’m actually pretty excited about it too. It looks like a cute movie. And this post cracked me up… I’ll have to have my hubby read these, he can do accents so well!!!

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