Checking In With the Sisters – The Beauty and Truth of Motherhood

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June is always a time of change for my family as we transition from rigorous school schedules to the more relaxed but often more hectic routines of Summer break. I’ve been more reflexive lately, and noticing the little things that my kids say and do even more than usual.

It’s that reflexive attitude that most likely made this post by Kelli from From The Inside Out stand out to me as I was checking in with the 5 Minutes for Mom sister sites.

The Beauty and Truth of Motherhood

It is a Sunday morning during church.

I watch my little girl coloring a page from her coloring book on the floor in my living room. We have a little house church so it is very casual and as I watch her I notice she colors the grass green, the sky blue, and the sun yellow.

I can’t help but wonder why she didn’t color the grass pink or purple, the sky red, or the sun green?

Because, she knows that is not the reality of nature.

She consistently sees grass green, the sky blue, and the sun yellow. She colors from what she sees and knows to be true, from the beauty and truth that surrounds her.

It catches me off guard in the middle of church. What kind of picture am I painting of His reality to them? Is my mothering surrounding them with His beauty and truth?

Want to read about her answer to that question….?

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