Do You Have Questions about Search Engine Optimization?

At the SEO Panel at the Mom 2.0 Summit, Gwen noticed some looks of terror and confusion among the ranks of women. So we’ve got to fix this.

SEO is NOT scary!

And in some ways it is getting easier to understand as time goes on.

Why? Because Google wants your sites to look natural and be promoted in a natural, non-spammy way. And for women like us in social media, that is GOOD NEWS. Because we don’t want to do black hat, nasty stuff to get our sites listed.

So, we’ve pulled some SEO kinda guys and gals together to answer more of your questions on a conference call.

Search Engine Optimization 101 – Conference Call

with Susan, Gwen, Seth and others on
Monday, March 2nd at 8:00 pm Eastern (7pm Central, 6pm Mountain, 5pm Pacific)

Email 5minutesformom at gmail dot com or DM @5minutesformom on twitter to get the dial-in details.

It will be a one hour call with a simple agenda and a focus on Q&A time.

We’re talking basics on this call. We want to help all the social media lovin’ gals out there understand some simple ideas about SEO.

Here’s a taste of what we’ll talk about on the call:

Search Engine Optimization 101

Keep it natural and understand some basic concepts.

What are Keywords?
Using Keywords in Title Tags and Anchor Text (linking text)

Try to use keywords when linking to your pages, but keep it natural with variety. It is natural to sometimes have your site linked to with the site url, site name and even ‘click here’ occasionally. Don’t stress too much about each and every link’s anchor text, but try to include keywords when you’re linking internally to your site and when you’re asking another site to link to you.

The simplest way to ensure people link to you with the keywords you want, is include that keyword in the title of your post. Then when someone links to your post, the keyword will naturally be there.

What about NoFollow?
What is it?
Do we use it on our own sites?
Do we worry when other sites use it? (It depends…)

What is PageRank or Link Juice?

Open Q&A

We’ve got Gwen Bell on this call, so you know it’ll be a ton of fun. (Gwen even makes SEO fun!) Gwen’s friend Seth Jenks — known now for using cupcakes and skin care to explain SEO — will also be on the call sharing his techie insights.

Join us! Email 5minutesformom at gmail dot com or DM @5minutesformom on twitter to get the dial-in details.

(And hey, do your friends a favor and tweet about this call or link to it. They’ll love you for it.)

Talk soon!


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    Hey there – I would love to be a part of the call but the three year old doesn’t make that much of a possibility. Will this be available in print at some time?

  2. says

    Great idea, ladies. I know a lot about SEO and would really like to see this be a topic that more Mom Bloggers are learning up on. It’s quite powerful and easy once you get the hang of it.



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