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My mom is visiting this week. We’ve gone out to lunch, shopped for bras, watched Downton Abbey and exercised together. It has been a wonderful couple of days. I always enjoy time with my mom, particularly because she lives so far away. Well, that and the fact that she really is a wonderful mom who gave me a childhood filled with positive memories. I suppose it’s because of my mom’s visit that this article by Shanna on 5 Minutes for Parenting stood out to me.

Be the person you want your child to grow up to be

One of the greatest life gifts my parents gave me was the dialogue throughout my childhood that I could be or do anything I wanted. They were so convincing that I believed them. The conversations weren’t comprised entirely of sunshine, rainbows and unicorns, but were instead always very matter of fact. If I wanted to do something, there wasn’t doubt that it could be done. My parents encouraged me to research it, figure out how to make it happen, and then do it.

Later in life I learned that not all families are so supportive and that my own was probably more the exception than the rule. It was only after realizing that did I become more purposeful and aware of what I was teaching my own daughter….

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