Please Tell Your Friends – Special Needs Trailer Bike Almost Sold Out

I get a little emotional talking about this two-wheel trailer bike designed for special needs riders – The Caboose Trailer Bike.

It’s one of those products that most of us don’t need. When I read the emails from customers – like Robert’s sister – whose lives have been changed because someone they love can now experience the thrill of riding a bike, I’m humbled by what I take for granted.

The Caboose is a stable, two wheel trailer bike that attaches to a regular bicycle. It is designed especially for children and adults who are not otherwise able to ride a bicycle.

These days I’m especially emotional about the bikes because supply is running out and we don’t know when — or even if — they will come back in stock.

Our Pedal Cars and Retro Collectibles store has been the exclusive retailer for these special needs trailer bikes for the last few years. We’ve seen hundreds of lives changed because of the bikes, but the manufacturer is running out of stock and we’re not sure when they’ll make more.

Caboose Trailer Bike

The Caboose lets kids and adults who have special needs finally experience the joy of riding a bike. We’ve heard from customers who have purchased the bike for family members who cannot ride a typical bicycle because of Down syndrome, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Blindness or a host of other reasons.

The message is clear – The Caboose Trailer Bike changes lives.

Caboose Trailer BikeThe Caboose bike comes in two sizes: one for 5 to 10 year old children and another that fits children over 10 years old up to adults aged 95 or older. (The bike is perfect for elderly riders.)

These bikes are unique in many ways – especially in their low price. Most other special needs adapted bicycles are hugely expensive and out of most families’ budgets.

You can read more about the Caboose Trailer Bike here.

How Can You Help?

Since the Caboose is so unique, most families who could benefit from the bike unfortunately do not even know it exists.

Please spread the word to everyone you know about the Caboose Trailer Bikes so…

  1. We can help families that need the bikes get one before they are gone.
  2. We can show the manufacturer the demand and get them to produce more bikes.

If you know someone who can benefit from a Caboose Trailer Bike, please hurry.
Place your order right away so that you don’t miss out.

Please help change lives by Pinning, Tweeting and Sharing this post on Facebook.

Here’s to more family bikes rides!!!


  1. says

    Wow… this is such a great way for special need adults to experience something most of us take for granted!! Thanks for sharing!! :)

  2. says

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  3. Eileen Olson says

    I am very interested in this caboose trailer bike for my 15 yr. old son who is 135 lbs has Down syndrome severely autistic & non-verbal as well. Can you please tell me how much this would cost?

    Thank you for your time
    Eileen T. Olson

  4. Aubrey Allmond says

    Hello, I found your post on the Caboose Trailer Bike. The link in the article no longer works. I need to find the company that makes/sells this bike. Do you have any information on their current whereabouts? – thank you

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