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Being a mom is tough work, all magazine controversy aside, and it’s pretty normal for a mom to question the “quality” of her job as a mother. I know I have compared my parenting styles to other moms. I’ve compared the cleanliness and organization of my house to other houses, and I’ve certainly compared my kids to other people’s kids.

The fact is, the small window we get into other people’s lives never gives us a broad picture of all of the behind-the-scenes details, and comparing and judging are almost always a losing battle.

I appreciated this post from Suzanne, author of Special Needs Mom, on our sister site, 5 Minutes for Special Needs:

The “Good Enough” Mom

I am about 12 years into motherhood now… and like lots of Moms I know, I still don’t feel like I’m getting it right. Mothering kids with medical issues takes a purposeful amount of focus and attention, the kind that sometimes prevents you from being that cool “chill” kind of mom. Yet still I try, and every day I learn.

I have learned that sometimes rolling off the bed as a result of a tickle fight is the kind of good clean fun that all kids need, low muscle tone or not.

I have learned that a smiling, happy-faced kid that got that “5 more minutes!” in the pool she desperately wanted can help you dismiss and not obsess over the flushed color of her fatigued face.

I have learned that your sad, crying kid can break your heart at any age, whether she’s a sick toddler unable to tell you what’s wrong or a frustrated, overtired 10 year old that just can’t verbalize every feeling she feels.

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