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Have you ever watched a small child stack cans, blocks or building bricks? You can see the expression on the child’s face. That child is a picture of concentration. What is he thinking?

If I stack the blocks this way will the tower stay up?
If I stack the blocks that way will the tower fall?
Can I stack 3…4…5…6…or 10 blocks?
When will the tower fall down?

Learning truly does happen through play. I remember my oldest child stacking blocks at her grandmother’s house. She used the wooden blocks to create a road for her cars, a house for her dolls, even a tea set. She once even made a make believe bridge and walked on top of the blocks…she was little enough that her tiny feet fit perfectly on the flat wooden blocks. She loved that small cloth bag of blocks. So did her brother and sister and cousins.

Blocks allow for endless play and children learn through play. Blocks are the perfect toy to grow with your child. I recently received an enormous bucket o’ blocks from Back to Blocks. The bucket o’ blocks came in a box that became a playhouse for my son. He rolled around the kitchen in the box. Never seen a kid have so much fun until…he opened the bucket o’ blocks. Oh my, was he surprised with what he saw inside.

My son dug straight in to the blue bucket and pulled out handful after handful of blocks. Eventually he dumped the whole bucket on the floor. He was mesmerized by all the different shapes and sizes. He held piece after piece in his hands, examined the edges, placed one piece and then another, and yet another on top of each other. The pieces were long., flat, chunky, curved, archways, roof shaped, and many other shapes and size. It was more than a bucket o’ blocks, it was a bucket o’ fun!

Back to Blocks sent me the Wooden Block Set “Fun With Friends.” Blocks come in 20 different shapes and sizes and have over 160 pieces. The “Fun With Friends” retails for $110.99. The blocks are stored in a 5-gallon bucket — white, yellow, blue, and red.

Want to learn more about the Back To Blocks?

Search Back To Blocks for the perfect block toy.
Look for special offers on blocks.

Enter to win your Own Bucket of Fun from Back To Blocks

5 Minutes for Mom will be giving away a Fun with Friends Blockset. Use the Rafflecopter below to enter this giveaway. Remember that the more ways you enter, the better your chances are of winning.

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  I was sent the Fun With Friends set to facilitate my review. I was also compensated for this post. The views expressed in the post are my own. I follow the tenets of Blog With Integrity. 

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  1. says

    My kids love to build with blocks, and any Lego type building blocks – MegaBloks, Legos, Trio blocks, etc. This set looks fabulous!!

  2. Anne Lehnick says

    My kids like Lego’s and bristle blocks. We have a small set of wood blocks, but only enough to make one small square “building”

  3. Stephanie H says

    my children build with the Couch cushions, and pillows right now but they are all under 4 years old they also use blankets in their construction projects

  4. Kimberly says

    Right now she’s big into her blocks, but I’m hoping she’ll enjoy building in the sandbox soon.

  5. says

    My three little ones, Ms. Broadway, Ms. Imagineer and Mr. Bam-Bam, would love these blocks. Wooden blocks are one of my MOST favorite toys for kids. Talk about sparking imagination and promoting decision making and engineering skills. Blocks are where its at! :)

  6. Jessica says

    Right now they love building with the Melissa and Doug blocks…the ones that look like bricks. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  7. Laura Jacobson says

    Carter actually switches off quite a bit. We dont have the wooden blocks yet, but he has some toddler legos that he likes to build with.

  8. Amy Tolley says

    my kids love playing with anything they can build with legos, lincoln logs..kinex thanks for this giveaway

  9. Sue H. says

    My neices love to build things with legos. I’d love to win this for them to play with. They do love blocks of any kind. Like every kid they love to see how high they can make it before it falls over. They giggle when it tumbles over. Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. Carolyn Ann Colley (Griffith, Smith) says

    my grandson has some Linkens blocks, I think that the name of them, he would love these
    thanks for the giveaway

  11. Heidi Daily says

    My daughter loves to built with anything, she has few wooden blocks that came with a small set but could definitely use more

  12. Rochel S says

    My son loves building with his legos! He also just got Bristol blocks which he really likes too!

  13. connie black says

    My kids favorites are Legos…they love those little things that hurt when you step on them!

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