Nature’s Hand – Granola That Everyone in Your Family Will Love

Breakfast time around here is always a rush.  It’s morning, and we are not morning people.  By “we” I mean “me” of course.  And the wee ones aren’t the most organized either, for that matter.  It’s important to me that whatever they eat, it’s healthy for them and that it contains enough protein to get them through the morning.  Little Miss is my more adventuresome eater and so goes through stages of scrambled eggs and oatmeal with peanut butter and the like.  Mister Man has his strict “school morning breakfast” of Greek yogurt with a little bit of preserves.

But me?  I like to mix it up a little for both of them.  I just received some samples of Nature’s Hand Granola, and I’m in heaven.  While I love making homemade granola, I don’t always have the time and I refuse to use my oven in the summer, so this is the perfect switch.  Nature’s Hand Granola has six different flavors, so it’s a perfect way to keep it a little different – vanilla almond, cranberry delight, French vanilla almond, raisin hazelnut, cinnamon apple, maple pecan, and wild blueberry.  The cranberry, cinnamon apple, and wild blueberry flavors are also made without nuts, although still in a facility that processes milk, eggs, wheat, soy, peanuts, and tree nuts.

As a parent, I’m grateful that this granola is made much the way I make my own granola.  Unlike many granolas on the market, there is no high fructose corn syrup and no trans fats.  The granola is in gorgeous little clusters, much more so than my own granola, which is always a good sign for me in granola.  Most of the flavors have only 6 grams of sugar and 3 grams of protein.

I love that these 13 ounce pouches are resealable at the top so that I don’t have to hunt for yet another storage container or risk the granola going stale.  I’ve tried a few of the flavors now, and both the wee ones and I can’t get enough of them.  While they’re great just plain – and I’ve been known to sneak a few handful as my “breakfast” – my favorite way of eating them is over some plain Greek yogurt with a little honey.  It’s sweet and crunchy and truly filling so that I’m not looking for something else to eat an hour later, something my summer wardrobe appreciates.

The wee ones also have enjoyed the granola for a snack after school.  They have activities too many days after school where we don’t have time to sit down and eat, but Nature’s Hand has very smartly also introduced single serving “Go>Nola” in wild blueberry wave and maple pecan — it’s a pouch with just enough granola for a snack on the go.  This saved me this morning, in fact, as I realized that I forgot to pack Little Miss a snack to eat before gymnastics and the bus was waiting.  I handed her the maple pecan Go>Nola, and I know she’s set.

You can purchase a 1.75 ounce Go>Nola package for a suggested retail price of $0.99, while you can purchase the Nature’s Hand 13 ounce granola pouches for $4.99 available at retailers nationwide from Whole Foods to Schnuck’s to Mariano’s to Jewel and more.  You can also purchase them online at the Nature’s Hand site, including purchasing in bulk.

In the interest of full disclosure, I received two pouches of Nature’s Hand Granola and two single serve pouches for review purposes.  I was also compensated to write this post, but all opinions remain my own.

Written by 5 Minutes for Mom contributor Michelle who is glad that she’s solved the breakfast issue so that now she can work on packing more varied lunches for the wee ones.  Read all about what she’s cooking up on her blog Honest & Truly! or on Twitter where you can find her as @HonestAndTruly.


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    This granola sounds fantastic. I am always looking for the perfect healthy cereal that can also serve as an exciting snack for my little ones. The flavors sound delicious. Thanks so much for sharing!

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