MEGA Bloks Steer-me Steve Giveaway

When my kids were small, they loved MEGA Bloks.  We had more sets of them than I could count, and they’d spend hours building castles, walls as high as they could go, or anything else their imaginations came up with.  There are so many things I love about MEGA Bloks – the large pieces that are easy for little hands to manipulate, their ease in snapping together and pulling apart, the bright colors and variety of sets all make them a hit in my book.

My boys also loved dump trucks, piling up the bed with all kinds of cargo, pushing them across the room, and then dumping it out.  That’s why Steer-me Steve, the new dump truck from MEGA Bloks, is the perfect toy for preschoolers.

Your truck loving child can drive around with the Steer-me Steve Dump Truck by Mega Bloks and pretend he is a big rig driver himself. Steer-me Steve is perfectly designed for little hands to grip the steer along wheel as they drive through the house picking up the included blocks in the set as his cargo. Stack the blocks on the truck bed or carry them to a new location for construction – it’s all up to Steve and where your child takes him. Once Steer-me Steve and your child reach their destination, the dump truck bed empties the cargo with a simple lever pull. After Steve is empty, it is time to go find another load!

Steer-me Steve’s happy, smiling face encourages interaction with your child as they drive around looking for new building adventures!

  • Easy grip plastic steer along steering wheel
  • Quick pull lever to empty cargo
  • Fun, colorful design
  • Includes 7 big Maxi blocks
  • Cheerful, friendly face

MEGA Bloks also has a fantastic Family Club that includes tutorials, a blog and other great features. Click on the above signup link to sign up for the MEGA Bloks newsletter.

Enter to win

We have a fantastic prize pack for one lucky winner.   To enter this giveaway, leave a comment below letting us know what your child’s favorite Mega Block Toy is.  This giveaway will end June 2, 2012.

The winner will receive:

80 piece Big Building Bag
Build ‘n Learn Table
Small Tub Town Construction Site

I received Steer-me Steve to facilitate writing this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

This review was written by 5 Minutes for Books writer, Nancy. Nancy is the mom of 2 very active boys and in addition to working full time, she enjoys driving Mom’s Taxi and volunteering on various school and Cub Scout committees. She writes about her busy life at Life With My Boys and Books.


  1. Lynnette Watkins says

    I have 2 little girls ages 3 and 4 1/2 would could both play on the Build and Learn Table. I am trying to teach them to share. I hope this get better. They already fight over their brother’s 80 piece Big Building Bag. So the Building Bag is their favorite so far.

  2. Dameon Schirer says

    My son loves playing with his Mega Bloks 200 piece duffle. In order to play he requires us to dump the duffles contents over his head first. It’s like he has to have a Mega Block shower before he plays with them. I enjoy that even though he is only 2 years old Mega Bloks allow him to build things creatively he is locked down to a set of plans.

  3. april yedinak says

    We love the Hello Kitty line of Mega Bloks- especially the Ice Cream Parlor.


  4. says

    My daughter would love these. I was just thinking about asking for blocks for her 1st birthday! I know Big sister will love helping her build sky scrappers and the truck looks like a lot of fun I bet even dad would get down to play!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  5. Jessica says

    My 16 month old is just developing an interest in blocks. He has a similar MegaBlocks truck and a bag of blocks that he loves to play with.

  6. says

    these small toys are source of big happiness in children’s life,
    it’s just amazing how fast there source of happiness changes

  7. Anne Lehnick says

    My son loved his dumptruck full of Mega Bloks. The new Spider Man sets are pretty cool, too.

  8. Stephanie H says

    Well since my adopted son only has 1 simple box of mega blocks those are his favorite mega blocks toy. He loves to dump them out an then put them back the box. He also where the box on his head. He is starting to stack them in to chains of 3-4. He would love the dumptruck

  9. Linda Henderson says

    My grandson has the bag of mega blocks and he loves them. He dumps them out in the floor and plays with them for hours.

  10. Janet W. says

    We recently bought my grandson the Play’n Go Wagon and he loves pulling it around the backyard while we do yard work!!

  11. ANGEL JACKLYN says

    WE ACTUALLY HAVE A “Megabloks 80pc Lrg Mega Bloks Bag” & MY LITTLE ONE PLAYS WITH IT EVERYDAY =)

  12. Anna says

    My kids just love the MEGA blocks regular blocks – they can build very high towers and just love love love it …..and then my youngest comes and destroys it :-)

  13. Jamie Brigham says

    My son has this little school bus thing that came with mega blocks and he can build other vehicles with it.

  14. Erin Guymon says

    I’m not sure what it was called but we have a construction workbench set from when my oldest was two. All 5 of my kids love to build different things with it.
    These new sets would be so much fun.

  15. Abbigail King says

    My son LOVES the Play N Go Wagon! Time to upgrade and your giveaway is a fantastic upgrade for him.

  16. melissa n says

    my son just got into megablocks, and loves them! him and my husband spend a lot of time making things :)

  17. Chelesa Sims says

    my daughters favorite is the Dora The Explorer flower bag blocks and my son favorite is the mega bloks tub town.

  18. Danielle Davis/Grady says

    My boys love Mega Bloks..They play with them everyday..Building tall towers & buildings!
    Thank you!!

  19. Melissa P. says

    My son’s favorite when he was little was the wagon full of mega blocks. As for my nephews, I don’t think they own any so this would be perfect.

  20. Sue H. says

    My 2 neices would love this. They like the dump truck. They’re both very creative so this would be something they would play with for hours. Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. Natalie S says

    My boys just love the plain ol mega bloks! They sure do build some great things with them :) nlevdan3 at yahoo dot com

  22. Linda Meyers-Gabbard says

    I am entering this giveaway as an aunt of a little girl named Stella. She will be a first time Mega Bloks toy owner if I win. I am new to the Mega Bloks Toys. The looks like fun.

  23. Amy says

    Mine like just the big bag of the blocks until the tornado got them…they have nothing now coming back trying to build back up from scratch

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