There Are NO Limits As to What We Can Do As Moms
Learning from Lucille O’Neal and Lorrie Wolfe

Liza here…

I had the amazing opportunity this week of getting to speak with basketball star Shaquille O’Neal’s mom Lucille O’Neal and Lorrie Wolfe, who was just named America’s Most Inspirational Mom by the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.  

These women are phenomenal and I was incredibly inspired by their stories. We chatted about getting a degree, strengthening your marriage regardless of childhood illnesses, and going back to school later in life and Lorrie shares her plans for the future!

As Lucille states in this interview —There are NO limits as to what we can do as moms.

The video below is of my interview with them.

About Lucille O’Neal

Lucille O’Neal is best known as the mother of NBA Basketball Star Shaquille O’Neal, but she is also the author of a motivational book titled Walk Like You Have Somewhere to Go — a story about her exceptional life journey. 

O’Neal’s early acquaintance with turmoil shaped her perspective and strengthened her resolve to overcome the challenges she would encounter later in life. She endured poverty, rejection, abuse, addiction, and the illness of a child, yet today her faith and compassion for others are stronger than ever. After fifty-six years, O’Neal has gained the wisdom to recognize her wrongs and guide other women down a different path.

Her story is proof that it’s never too late for a new beginning. In 2003, she graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration.  In 2005, she completed her graduate program (Master of Arts in Organizational Management) at the University of Phoenix.  A longtime supporter and alumni of Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA), O’Neal is the ambassador of the Family PLUS (Parents Leading, Uniting and Serving) initiative, which is encourages local Clubs to implement family strengthening activities into their programming.

We hope you enjoy watching this video.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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