Take the White Sock Test and You Could Win a $15,000 Home Makeover

Jennifer here-

I’ve told you before how many times I vacuum my carpets. I have four indoor fur babies and — well, carpet gets dirty! I try to make sure that I vacuum my carpets once a day and sometimes twice a day. I thought that  vacuuming, I was keeping them clean and that doing that would be a good enough job. At least that is what I thought. Then, Bissell walked into my life and showed me just what dirt was lurking underneath my supposedly clean carpets.

I received a Bissell Lift Off Deep Cleaning System in the mail and new white socks so that I could perform a “white sock” test on my carpet. Just as the iconic white glove test instantly detects dust on hard surfaces, BISSELL’s White Sock Test exposes the unseen dirt that’s lurking in carpets. It’s a simple, at-home test that helps me and you see for ourselves that vacuuming isn’t enough to clean carpets thoroughly.

With my new Bissell in hand and cool socks that they sent me, I decided to try the white sock test out.

I was pretty sure my sock would come away clean. I mean, I vacuum every single day, so they should be clean, right? WRONG! I found out real quick that there is a lot of things that hide in your carpet that are unseen to our eyes.

For 30 seconds, I ground my foot into my carpet. Then brought my sock up to see that there were TONS of dirt just hiding in the crevices of my carpet. I honestly was shocked! I don’t have to tell you that I immediately started cleaning my carpets after that test. Once I was done though, I did the test again and you will be happy to know that my carpets are now squeaky clean with NO dirt or pet hair left behind.

I am SO thankful that Bissell had me do this test. It just showed me that I really need to put forth a better effort in making sure my carpets are clean.

Take the White Sock Test and You Could Win a $15,000 Home Makeover

If your home deserves a makeover, take the Bissell White Sock test. Visit the Bissell Facebook page and like their page. Then upload your white sock test photo for a chance to win $15,000 and many more instant prizes.

I was sent a Bissell Lift Off Deep Clean and White socks in order to perform this test. All opinions shared are my own.

Written by 5 Minutes for Mom Advertising and Communications Contact, Jennifer. You can find her sharing her thoughts at her own blog Jen’s Journey. Connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.


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