Happy Birthday Julia – My Seven Year Old

Happy Birthday my sweet Julia.

I can’t believe you are really seven years old now. The days go too quickly and I want to stop time so I can have more moments with you while you’re still my little girl. So far you still love to snuggle but I’m fearing the day you’ll be beyond cuddling and watching “My Little Pony”.

You’re at the age now where you’ll really remember everything… hopefully lots of good stuff, like the amazing time we just had at Disney World and how Cinderella called out “Happy Birthday Julia” to you from the parade. And I hope you remember the fun party you just had with your friends at The Great Escape. You all played for hours and loved it… especially the big “Lava Slide”.

But when you’re older (those teen years will come quickly) and thinking back to mistakes I may have made, please remember that I want so desperately for you to be happy and to have a wonderful life where you add love and goodness to this world.

You are precious and you’re a special gift to me, to your sister, to your cousins and to this world. I pray that you will love yourself, others and most importantly God throughout your many years to come.

Thank you for the joy you’ve brought me over the last seven years.

I’m ridiculously proud of you and I love you like crazy.

Your Mommy

Written by Susan, co-founder of this Mom Blog 5 Minutes for Mom


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    Happy birthday to Julia! Somehow I didn’t realize how close in age she and AJ were. he turns 7 in a week. It’s a fun age!

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