Celebrate Mother’s Day with Kodak + GIveaway

Running short on time to get your mom that perfect gift for Mother’s Day this Sunday?  Have you tried and tried to think of something personal for your mom, but just can’t seem to come up with anything?  I have to admit, I wasn’t sure what I was going to get my mom either – until now! Photos are a great gift for mom for Mother’s Day. It is something that she can cherish forever and ever!

KODAK makes it easy to give your mom the perfect personal gift, which can even be made right from the comfort of your own home with a KODAK Inkjet Printer.  No printer?  No problem!  You can visit a local retailer and use the KODAK Picture Kiosk.  

Helping you with ideas for Mother’s Day, KODAK is sharing some tips on how to put your personal touch on quick and easy gifts that your mom will cherish for years to come.

At KODAK Kiosk at a local retailer:

Say it your way! Did you know you can make your mom a personal greeting card with your own words, photos and style? The KODAK Kiosk offers a wide range of styles, including designer greetings from Bonnie Marcus. Available in a variety of formats, you can choose from folded cards, single-sided, or double-sided flat cards.  You can even insert images directly from your Facebook photos.  I am loving that!  If you buy one 5×7 folded photo greeting card from the Kodak kiosk, you can get one FREE. I also love that if you don’t have time to get to the store, you can make her a personal greeting card – in 2D or 3D – at home using your KODAK Inkjet Printer.

With Kodak, its easy to turn your favorite moments with mom, or grandma, into memorable stories she will cherish for a lifetime by creating a KODAK Photo Book at a KODAK Kiosk. You can choose from a wide range of stylish sizes, colors, covers, add backgrounds and customize text. And again, you are able to use your favorite FACEBOOK photos.  (Have I mentioned I upload just about everything to Facebook?) With time running out before Mother’s Day, you can still create a beautiful Photo Book!  It is bound in store and ready the same day.

Lastly, think about making mom a KODAK Picture Movie DVD! There is no better way to honor your mom than telling her story in a captivating way. A picture movie DVD is a lasting, meaningful way to honor her and share your favorite moments together. Just think how excited she will be when everyone gathers around the TV on Sunday and watches the story you’ve chosen to share about her. Not only is it easy to do, but the KODAK Picture Kiosk automatically combines your song choice with a pan and zoom effect to make your pictures move with the music.  I see tears from mom already.

Happy tears as my boys would say.

Take a look at Kodak today and make this Mother’s Day one that your mom will never forget!

Enter to win a Kodak Hero 9.1 printer

Kodak is going to bless one mom this Mother’s Day with a Kodak Hero 9.1 Printer. Use the Rafflecopter below to enter this giveaway. Remember that the more ways you enter, the better your chances of winning are.

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  1. Amber Smith says

    My fav photo of my mom is one with my daughter that we took at the zoo. It was a posed photo but looks like something out of a magazine and is gorgeous. It literally moved me to tears when I first saw it – thanks for this awesome Mother’s Day giveaway.

  2. monica carbajosa says

    the picture my mom has when I was just born with tears in her eyes i cherish that picture.

  3. Ivy T says

    Would love to with this for my mom. Her printer is older and doesn\’t print photos well.

    thanks for the opportunity!

  4. Cynthia says

    My favorite photo of my mother is her in her wedding dress with my father when she was 19 years old. She looked stunningly beautiful,like an angel <3

  5. says

    My favorite photo of my mom is one that was taken years ago of her sitting on the floor of the hall with grandkids surrounding her. Not all of them are in the pic because we have had a few additions but its still one of my faves cause she looked so happy.

  6. says

    I have a wonderful photo of my Mom & Dad in my living room that I took on an apple picking trip one day! It just makes me smile!

  7. Jennie says

    My parents when they were just married, in alligator hats made from egg cartons. It’s just funny.

  8. Brandy W. says

    My mother always hated pictures but I have one with her & my father outside the local marina. She’s tilting her head like a smarty pants because she didn’t think I was really gonna snap the photo!

  9. Anne Lehnick says

    There is a picture of me at 6 months old with my mom and sister that I just love. We are getting into our Toyota. I am in the least safe plastic carseat ever and my mom had really long hair (which she hasn’t had in many, many years now). My grandmother is standing by the car door and my mother is in the driver’s seat (sister is in the back seat). I guess I like that it was a beautiful day and everyone looks so young (especially me :-)

  10. Belinda McNabb says

    My favorite photo of my mom is the one of her and I when I was only 6 or 7. We had matching coats and I was so thrilled

  11. Cheryl Rahkonen says

    My favorite photo of my mother is when I was a newborn and she was holding me. When my own daughter was born, I asked my mother to send the picture of her and me. I showed the picture to my husband and he said “who is that holding Ashley?” She looks just like me as an infant.

  12. Jennifer says

    My favorite picture is of my mom, me a couple days old and my brothers. I think it’s the only picture I have with us all together too.

  13. Patricia Crowley says

    I have a photo of my mom holding me on my first Christmas morning…it’s one of my favorites.

  14. Carole M says

    My favourite picture is of my Mom, my daughter and myself all grinning like crazy. Since we’re usually the ones behind the camera, we’re not often caught on film together.

  15. Christina says

    My favorite photo is of me and my mom at the Bronx Zoo in New York City (I live in Wisconsin now) wearing similar but not identical outfits (my mother made all my dresses for me by herself. She came to America from Ukraine).

  16. Jody alcantara says

    My favorite photo of me and my mom is one that was taken right after i had my daughter. It is a picture of my mother hugging me holding my daughter and it is just such a special picture that captured a once in a lifetime moment. It is the three generation all come together.

  17. says

    My favorite photo of my mom would have to be a picture of her that was taken when she was 17-18. The resemblance between me and her at that age was uncanny! She was and still is beautiful;)

  18. latanya says

    when I was little, there is a pic of my mom and I and I wanted to paint my own nails, so in the picture you can see me with my nails polished with nail polish all outside of my nails and on my finger.

  19. says

    My favorite photo is of my mom and I when I was a baby. She is sitting in a chair and the sunlight is coming in so nicely. She is all 70s looking and beautiful.


    My favorite photo with my mom was at my birthday party 3 days after my father was burried

  21. Scott Trob says

    I have an old photo of my mom sitting on the front porch holding me when i was a baby my favorite picture by far. Shes pretty computer savy and needs a new printer think this would make a great gift :-)

  22. Kathy Stevenson says

    I love an Easter picture with my mom and me when I was little. It was a beautiful day and I am looking at her with such love!

  23. JD Northwest says

    I have a great shot of me as a baby being held by my mother while we sit in a field of desert blooms.

  24. Jamie Brigham says

    I only have one photo of my mom and it’s definitely my favorite. It’s one of my sister, her and myself. We had professional portraits done when I was around 4. It’s such a beautiful picture.

  25. Traci Lynn Butler says

    Everyone says my mom & I look alike and it must be true. As we were going through some photos I picked up one that I thought was of me as a little girl and commented to my mom that I didn’t remember having it taken. She said “Of course you don’t because that’s me!”

  26. says

    I recently found a picture of mom and I at my last wedding. It was really great. I had forgotten about it. Other than that one, I have one taken when she was about 25 where she looks like a movie star.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  27. says

    My favorite picture of my mom is one in which she is standing under an ock tree in my grandparents’ front yard. She’s wearing a beautiful, gauzy below the knee dress and carrying my baby brother in front of her chest. Her hair is long and curly and she is wearing her trademark Gloria Steinem (in the 70s) glasses and she looks so young, so beautiful, and so perfect. I remember standing next to my grandmother as she took that picture, feeling the wind on my face, the balmy overcast morning, and all that comes back to me when I see that picture.

    Thanks for holding this giveaway!

  28. LT says

    My favorite photo of my mom is one where she is sitting with my dad on our couch holding my daughter, and my dad is holding my son. It was about 4 years ago, and I have never been able to get the look of love on my mom and dad’s faces out of my mind!

  29. Alicia Zirjacks says

    my favorite photo of my mom is a picture that was taken when we were young. The picture is of my mom, me, my sister and brother. My mom looks so young and happy

  30. says

    There is one of my mom & dad on their 35th anniversary – they just look so happy! There is also one of mom & I when I was newly pregnant – love that pic, too….

  31. says

    I don’t have many photos of my Mom, having lost her very young, but one I DO have is of her when she was around 2-3 yrs old. My daughter, who is now 4 yrs old, looks EXACTLY like her! It’s uncanny. I posted the photo, at one point, and everybody commented to let me know how cute my daughter was. Yeah, it’s my Mom! 😉

  32. says

    I have a pic of my parents from when they were dating. It’s hilarious to see their 70s garb and rocking flowing locks! And both with cigarettes hanging out of their mouths (that was before smoking was bad for you! hehe) LOL

    coriwestphal at msn dot ocm

  33. Michelle Small says

    My favorite photo of my mother is one with Mom, brother and I when we were young. We were all standing in front of a Buffalo (not smart) in middle of Yellowstone National park.

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