Checking In With the Sisters – The Queen of Good Intentions

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As I was checking in with our sister sites this week, amidst another week filled with travel and suitcases and messy houses, I was drawn to the title of a post on 5 Minutes for Faith. In it, Kimberly reminisces about a time when she dreamed of being a beauty queen and how she ended up finding herself more like a queen of good intentions – Not quite what she (or so many of us) might have imagined….

The Queen of Good Intentions

I remember wanting to be a beauty queen during my preteen years. I am not sure what pulled me in the most – the gorgeous gowns or the desire to be officially labeled beautiful. Bless my awkward pre-teen heart…it was for the best my family could not afford for me to participate in beauty pageants. Pimples, braces, and a lack of anything curvaceous would have kept my head quite tiara-free.

Thankfully, as I have grown older, my desire to be found beautiful has shifted from wanting to look fantastic in a swimsuit competition to longing to see and share the beauty the Lord has placed inside of me. I am an encourager by creation. I love to stir hope and instill strength with words, both written and spoken. My heart feels most alive when I am sharing words of encouragement. And I could spend hours at my local card store picking out just the right cards to send to those I love….

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