Is There a Solution for the Soggy Sandwich? Yes!
Contain This Review and Giveaway

I have not so good memories of school lunches as a child. My mother packed the same lunch every day…a sandwich, a pudding cup, an apple, and maybe a cake or cookie. By the time lunch started my sandwich was a soggy mess. The lunch meat and mustard combined led to a very unappetizing sandwich indeed.

Never fear, the soggy sandwich is a thing of the past. A new product called the Perfect Sandwich is out to eliminate the soggy sandwich mess. The Perfect Sandwich is a sandwich shaped box — looks a little like a clear plastic fast food hamburger box. The clear plastic lid is attached to a white plastic base with a hinge. This new product is designed and distributed by Contain This.

So how does it all work? Well, you eliminate the “soggy” by separating the moist ingredient from the bread with two dividers. One of the dividers is a PerfectCHILL ice pack — see the green ice pack in the photo above. The other divider is a Pop-up FLEXtech divider — it’s the green and white divider shown in the photo above. The beauty of the Perfect Sandwich is that you can use it both ways. Look at the diagrams below…

In the first diagram, you can see that the two slices of bread are on top of the PerfectCHILL ice pack with the filling for the sandwich snugly placed underneath. In the second diagram, the two slices of bread and the filling sit on top of the PerfectCHILL divider. In both situations, your sandwich will be ready to eat by lunchtime, but not soggy!

The PerfectCHILL divider can be removed and stored in the freezer until you pack your lunch or your children’s lunches. The ice pack will stay cool for up to 5 hours and keep contents at the USDA guideline of under 40 degrees for perishable foods. According to Contain This, no other ice pack on the market has the cooling abilities of the PerectCHILL.

The FLEXtech Divider acts as a water tight barrier to keep foods separated. The dry ingredients will stay dry. According to Contain This the FLEXtech is their secret ingredient againsdt the “soggy sandwich.”

Want to learn more about the Perfect Sandwich?

The Perfect Sandwich is on sale right now for $12.99.

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 Written by  5 Minutes for Mom contributing writer, Jill Berry. Jill @MusingsfromMe is a writer who stays at home or a SAHM who writes…it depends on the day and her mood. While playing a writer on the internet, Jill has the gray hair AND blogposts from raising a kid, a preteen, and a teen. When not blogging at Musings from Me, Jill seizes family time whenever she can…dinner as a family, movie night, marathon family game sessions, traveling…you name it she wants to do it.


I was sent a Perfect Sandwich to facilitate my review. I was also compensated for this post. The views expressed in the post are my own. I follow the tenets of Blog With Integrity.


  1. Fabs says

    Looks like an interesting concept. I would need to try it out to see how long it would take for my kids to put their sandwhich together at school during lunch. Not sure about other states, but my son only has 15 minutes to eat lunch! It’s completely ridiculous. But I like the concept and would love to try it!

  2. Rikki J. says

    My husband calls his sandwiches day old lunch because I make his lunch the night before, so this product would make him a happy spouse. I would love to try it out for that reason!

  3. Connie Wise says

    One of my favorite sandwiches is cream cheese, sliced strawberries and a little dab of alfalfa sprouts on toast.

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