“Designer Dad” Helps Homeowners Discover Their Own Design Style

Lolli here…

I am many things – a mom, a wife, a homeowner, a writer, a photographer – but I have never claimed to be a skilled designer. In fact, style and design are probably on the bottom of my list of talents. To make my design shortcomings stand out even more prominently, I live in a very small home with a very large family. All 7 of us and all of our stuff has to fit in this tight space. I’ve always struggled with finding a balance between functionality and good style.

This week, I was able to send some questions in to “Designer Dad” Stephen Saint-Onge, who answered me in the video below. If you can relate to any of the questions below, then take a few minutes to watch what Designer Dad had to say!

My Designer Dad questions:

  • I have lived in my house for 14 years and we’ve made changes over the years, but I’m at the point where the design feels “stale.” What are some ways that I can freshen up the design and style without redoing everything?
  • I love the idea of inspiring people to make their “dream homes” out of the home they are in now. Where do you recommend that homeowners start?
  • I admit – I do not have a good eye for design, but I often see homes that I love. How can people like me figure out their style and start a redesign?
  • One of my biggest challenges is keeping a small space organized AND looking good. Do you have any tips for achieving both a good style and nice organization?

What would YOU ask Designer Dad if you had the chance?

About “Designer Dad” Stephen Saint-Onge

Stephen Saint-Onge, aka “Designer Dad,” is Family Circle magazine’s Contributing Home Editor and Family-Focused Lifestyle Expert. He firmly believes that “good home design has the power to change lives.” In his book, No Place Like Home, which he wrote and photographed, he brings that motto to life by empowering, inspiring and motivating the everyday family to create their dream home now. His creative mission is also evident on his daily lifestyle blog where he can personally connect with his fans. He’s one of the only designers that truly understand the needs of the modern American family because he’s living the same life they are.

Not only is Stephen a nationally-known, celebrity designer – he is also a husband, father of two and a homeowner that balances his creative work with his family-focused home. By living the same life as his fans and knowing that family homes always have an ever-growing “To Do List” – he can illustrate personally how to create a home environment that is welcoming, comfortable and one that can make your overall life better. At the same time, he understands that homeowners are always searching to incorporate the latest designer trends into their personal style, as well as finding easy-to-use appliances to help make their everyday routines a bit easier.

Written by 5 Minutes for Mom writer, Lolli. You can find Lolli blogging at Better in Bulk and tweeting at @1momof5.


NOTE: This interview opportunity is sponsored by Whirlpool. No compensation was received.

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