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On January 1 of this year, my county instituted a law that all shoppers must come to any type of store with their own shopping bags in hand or have to be charged a per bag fee. I had gathered several dozen reusable bags from conferences and such, and was totally ready and gung-ho about the change.

Ok, I admit it….I was a little resistant at first, not because I didn’t like being earth-friendly, but because I thought it would be a lot more work for me to remember to do.

What I didn’t expect to see after I switched over to plastic bags, was so may people, regardless of race, gender, or socio-economic status, everyone was carrying around their sets of reusable bags. I have loved it. We see less waste and more colorful, unique bags.

Just this week, I posted a guest article from Grace Pamer over at 5Minutesforgoinggreen on 10 ways to reduce your packaging waste.

Reduce Your Packaging Waste In 5 Easy Steps

We cannot all afford to buy organic produce and environmentally friendly detergents when we go shopping every week, but we can make a difference to the environment by reducing the amount of packaging that we waste every day.

Cardboard and plastic make up the bulk of our weekly garbage so by being mindful about what we buy and use, we can make huge improvements on both they type and amount of trash we throw away.

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