Horsing Around Photo Contest Finalists

It’s time to post the finalists of our Horsing Around Photo Contest. As you may recall, with the theme of Horsing Around, it could be interpreted as children playing or taken more literally with a submitted photo displaying an equestrian theme.

It was so much fun looking over all of the entries. Thank to you everyone who submitted a photo. We also had over Thirty emailed entries.

When we announced this photo contest, we listed the prizes as one of three Henry Horse Rocking Horses. But because of the new CPSIA testing requirements it looks like popular Henry Horse hasn’t got his testing done and we won’t be able to sell him or give him away in the near future.

So… instead we are offering each winner a $100 Gift Certificate towards any available products from A Rocking Horse To Love.

Here are just a few examples of what you might select as a prize if you are one of the lucky three winners.

Rock and Trot Plush Rocking Horse

Ellie the Elephant

Childrens 3 Way Easel

Ziggy Giraffe Rocker

As we said, there will be three lucky winners.

  1. The first winner will be awarded to the entrant whose photo receives the most votes.
  2. The second winner will be the runner-up in the tally of votes
  3. The third winner will be selected randomly from the entrants

The prizes are being donated from one of our online stores: A Rocking Horse To Love.

We will use Democracy Poll for readers to vote on their favorite photo. Please Note: Democracy Poll only allows one vote per IP address.
If you are selected as a finalist, feel free to announce it on your blog, facebook, twitter, etc and get your friends to vote for you. That is fair game. But please play fair and do not use proxy servers or other black hat methods of increasing your votes. If we do discover unfair practices, we will have to disqualify the parties involved. Remember the spirit of our site and play nice!

Voting will end Friday, February 27th, 3pm Eastern. We will announce the winner the same day!

This contest is open only to US shipping addresses. Please see our site’s Terms and Conditions of Use for a complete list of our Contest and Giveaway Rules. This promotion is void where prohibited.

Without further ado, here are our Twenty Finalists:

#1 – Izzy ‘N Emmy

#2 – Just Me

#3 – Canny Lanny

#4 – The Finer Things in life

#5 – Embrace The Chaos

#6 – Email Entry from Amy

#7- grasping for objectivity B-Sides


#9 – Write for a Reader

#10 – My Full Cup

#11 – The Spains

#12 – Through The Canon

#13 – A Giveaway Addicted Mommy

#14 – Email Entry from Cathy

#15 – My life as I know it

#16 – Needles and Pens

#17 – Email Entry from Becky

#18 – The Harmons

#19 – Temporary Insanity

#20 – Final Score: Boys 3 And Girls 2

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  1. says

    Wow! There are really some rockin’ photographers in the blogosphere, aren’t there? It was so hard to choose, but I ended up voting for #12. I love the cowboy outfit, the pose, and the lollipop!

    I also really was struck by #2 (that little girl sure looks like she loves her horse) and #6 (great “perspective,” although that horse almost looks a little sad…).

  2. says

    I think #15 is so hilarious! I am surprised none of my kids did it because they were all toilet fiends as babies/toddlers. LOL

    I just tweeted about the contest. Hope it brings more people over to vote.

  3. says

    Love #5!! Such a classic picture of daddy & daughter…the action shot…and the expression on her face is true “horsing around”!! So many great ones!

  4. says

    Wow, what an honor to find my photo among the finalists! They are all just adorable. What a tough decision that must have been for you. Thanks so much!

  5. says

    Oh MY Gosh! I didn’t even check today. My readers came by to tell me and I am so happy! Thank you so much for the opportunity! There are so many great entry’s.

  6. Cathy says

    Gracie was thrilled to see herself on the “real” computer! Thanks for putting in in such an elite group of finalists – all the photos are fantastic!

    Cheers and Good luck everyone!

  7. Lauralee Hensley says

    I voted for number 13. It looks like the Horse is horsing around teasing the little girl. Great photo’s everyone. My hubby says one day he’ll teach me how to upload photo’s on our computer, but I’m still waiting and it’s been awhile. Haven’t wanted to bother him. He’s tired when he gets home, working long hours right now.

  8. Shaun Gallentine says

    This is a fun way of seeing extended families lives in pictures. Tristan (#3) is my Sister’s Grandson-in-law! What a cutie and I’m sure he would get hours of fun with and LOVE the prize!

  9. says

    I like all the photos. #2, #3, & #17 my favorites. Myself a Farmer I like seeing children and animals comfortable with each other. #2 edged out the other two by a couple horse tail hairs.

  10. says

    Thanks to the 2 comments above, they made me smile :) I of course am biased because #3 is my son, but I do think he is one cute little guy and even cuter in person! But if he wasn’t in the contest I would have voted for #16. I just LOVED that picture. You could really see that little boys personality in it. He reminded me of one of my little brothers who were always wearing their cowboy hats and boots around. Too cute.

  11. says

    Aww… thanks for your sweet comment, Lana (message #30). #16 is my son, Nathan, and I absolutely adore this photo of him. Brings back lots and lots of great memories! It looks like congratulations may be in order for you and your little cutie, too. Very well-deserved, as he is just a little doll. ;o)


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