Say It Forward – Week 3

Say It Forward

Say It Forward – Carnival of Loyal Commenters is a new weekly carnival at 5 Minutes for where bloggers feature their loyal commenters!

To read more about how to participate in Say It Forward and to get the button codes, click here.

And make sure you visit the links in the Mr. Linky here every Friday. These are the FUN blogging folk YOU want to be friends with. Go to THEIR sites. Read THEIR blogs. And of course, leave COMMENTS.

Oh – we can just see the friendships forming already… It is a beautiful thing!

This is normally where we list our Loyal Commenters and share all about them.

Ladies, I hope you can forgive me, but our Loyal Commenter post will have to go up some time later today. We have two special bloggers already picked out, we just need to put some finishing touches on our post about them.

Janice and Susan are both away this week, so things have been pretty hectic around these parts. :)

But very soon, I will put up our special post devoted to this week’s Loyal Commenters!

Speaking of Loyal Commenters, if you are selected as a Loyal Commenter either by our site or another blog, you can display this Loyal Commenter badge with pride. Also feel free to give the badge to the commenters that you select each week.


Of course, you can join in Say It Forward too! Click here to read more and start featuring YOUR loyal commenters on your blog.

AND, don’t forget to visit the other posts in the Say It Forward Mr. Linky below. You will find wonderful bloggers and form great new blogging friendships.

How to Participate in Say It Forward

Here is a quick recap. Click here to read the full overview of Say It Forward and get the banner codes.

  1. On Fridays, choose a commenter, (or two, or three) to feature in a Say It Forward post.
  2. Come back to to add your permalink to the Mr. Linky.
  3. Visit other Say It Forward posts and discover FABULOUS bloggers who are fun, friendly and loyal commenters.
  4. And don’t forget to let your readers know that you are participating in Say It Forward so they can go find all these wonderful commenters and read their blogs.


  1. says

    This is my first week participating in this, so my post title will say Week 1. Hopefully it won’t get confusing. LOL! Thanks for an awesome idea!

  2. says

    I found out about this great bloggy carnival from Kate @ Another Day in Paradise. What a great idea, especially before Valentine’s Day. How cool to share some bloggy love with our loyal commentors. I was blown away when I saw my photo on Kate’s blog and she thanked me for my comments. I guess I want to continue that and Say it Forward to others. Thanks for starting this one. I love it! :)


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