Checking In With the Sisters – Faith and Hope and Love

I can’t believe that another week has come to an end! We’re in the middle of another busy weekend – but this time I’m home and the “trip” has come to my house. Busy, exhausting times, I tell you! I stumbled upon this post by on 5 Minutes for Special Needs today and really enjoyed its message.

Faith and Hope and Love

The thing about faith is that…it’s not transient. You either have it or you don’t. You don’t have to believe in the God I believe in to have faith either. You can have faith in lots of things–doctors, teachers, friends.

To have faith, you have to trust. A lot. Believe. A lot.

So where does that leave us, as special needs parents? We deal with so many things on a daily basis. We put our faith in things we can’t see–the future, IEP goals, health care reform (heh).

There’s no magical devotion or book or lesson that speaks to my situation.

No one can tell me to relax and have faith…because, you know what? I do have faith. I probably have more faith than a lot of people.

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