Chalk City Review and Giveaway

My daughter loves anything to do with playing outside.  Writing on my sidewalks and coloring each of our steps a different color is just another day in the life of our home.  She writes messages in chalk to people who walk by and all that fun stuff.  Chalk City takes this fun outdoor activity to a whole new level.  See information from their site:

Chalk City® is a family of outdoor toys that combines two activities that boys and girls love—playing with sidewalk chalk and playing with riding toys. Kids of all ages can easily use the Road Maker®, Road Sign Stencils and Obstacle Course Stencils for hours of fun.

Check out the great video they have on YouTube:

The website also has a page with fun activities your child can use.  They have a listing of local places you can purchase their product HERE and you can also purchase on Amazon!  These retail anywhere from $11.99 for stencils to $39.99 for the full kit.  Not a bad price to help keep the kiddo’s busy when school is out, and bonus?  Off the electronics and the couch!

Does your child love to play with sidewalk chalk?  What is their favorite thing to draw?

For more summer fun with chalk, check out Sidewalk Chalk Activities for Preschoolers.  You can also find more great posts about preschool activities on our resource page, where you can link up your own craft and activity ideas too.


This product was provided for review by ChalkCity, who also offered a giveaway to one lucky 5MinutesforMom reader. All opinions expressed are the reviewer’s own.


  1. says

    I can only imagine what my daughter could do with this! She loves CHALK!! For Easter we made a huge mural on my parents driveway!! She has an imagination beyond her years!! Thanks for the giveaway and I am definitely going to check out there site this would be fun for the summer!! :)

  2. pamelaG says

    that is über cool! all three of my kids love chaulkinh- their fave at the moment is making roads and paths and signs and whatnot in the driveway for them to follow while riding their bikes.

  3. Lawann says

    These are great ideas. We draw hopscotch and lakes and rivers. Would love to add some roads for driving on. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Jennifer N says

    My kids would make a town. They are always drawing roads and buildings, etc. Looks like a great toy!
    Also, I subscribed by email.


  5. Steph says

    My kids would make some signs. They love drawing with chalk outside. Everything is covered with their colorful designs.

  6. Erin E says

    My children would make a forest with animals. Thank you for the lovely giveaway!
    Erin E
    busymom369 at gmail dot com

  7. Wendy R says

    my kids would probably draw a road for their bikes to go on and i’m sure rainbows, flowers, hopscotch!

  8. casey hart says

    the oldest loves hearts and flowers, then the next child bugs, and the rest whatever they can lol

  9. Michelle Tucker says

    This is so cool! I’m sure there’d be a lot of winding paths to and from our mailbox. We’ve got a long driveway, so this could be really fun!

  10. Becky Grayson says

    Well between the four grandchildren I am sure the whole neighborhood would have chalk roadways and lots of rainbows running through it. LOL


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