Every Time I Say “Your Sister,” My Heart Still Thrills a Little…

In fact, I love to say, “Your sister,” so much I say it just to hear how it sounds.

After years of praying and hoping for a sibling for you, it still feels unbelievable that you now really do have a sister – that you aren’t “alone” anymore.

I am not sure there are many kids out there who have wanted a sibling more than you wanted one.

Since you were two, you have been obsessed with wanting a brother. For almost a year, you even had an imaginary dead big brother name Kieric whom you talked about every day. (It made for very awkward moments when you told strangers about your big brother who was hit by a car. Yes, your imagination was already out of control at two years old!)

When I miscarried when you were three, your heart smashed into even more pieces than mine. Losing my baby – your baby – was the hardest time in my life.

And as the months kept disappearing with no new baby news, you would plead with me, “Why won’t God give us another baby? Why? You had one before… I remember…” And you would pray your little boy prayers and I would cry inside with my mommy tears.

But now, while I know you still long for a brother, (and I am so sorry I haven’t given one to you as well,) you ADORE your sister.

Shortly after she arrived you said to me, “Now, I am not alone anymore…”

Today, she is a toddler, a little version of you – full of spunk and fire and furiously funny. You two are almost six years apart in age – but it works beautifully. You both live for each other.

So when I scold you, “Be quiet – you are going to wake up your sister!” Or reprimand you, “Be gentle with your sister,” my heart still races like a teenager in love.

You really do have a sister! You finally have a sibling of your own.

I don’t even mind that you have woken her up or made her scream cause you dropped her on her head, (you didn’t drop her very hard – you are quite careful with your baby!)

I actually have TWO of you precious monkeys – and, even better, you two have each other!!!


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    I totally understand your joy. Both of my children took many years to conceive and we also lost our third baby to a m/c. I am still so happy to know that my son’s have a brother.

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    Having only one sister, I often wonder what it would be like if she were suddenly gone. I can’t remember my life without her and don’t want to think about what that would be like.

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    My first two are eight years apart…not our design. When my oldest was about 2 he started asking for a sibling. Trust me, I understand. For what it’s worth, my oldest two are 24 and 16 and very, very close. There is no perfect spacing for kids.

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    Okay, that part about losing the baby made me cry. This whole post makes me think of my two kids. My son, too is so thrilled to have a little sister. I have about a billion pictures of him with a HUGE proud grin on his face while he holds his baby. I thought he was going to burst with joy when the midwife told us it was time for her to come out. There really is nothing like the love of a sibling.

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    This is such a beautiful sentiment, Janice! I love watching my kids and the way they love each other, too. I always tell them that they can be best friends for the rest of their lives in a way that no one else can.

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    Great post! We are just about to have our first and I’m sure once all the chaos settles down around us we’ll be planning for the next.
    Having sisters/brothers is so important I think.

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    Oh my goodness…you had me crying. Congratulations on have two beautiful children. I have identical twin qirls and I am always thanking God that they have someone so close to share life with. Thanks for the great reminder

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    I too hope and pray for a sibling for my three year old. The waiting is the hardest and if and when the Lord gives me another baby, I can only imagine how I will thrill every time I say “your sister” or “your brother.” Beautiful post. Thanks for sharing.

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    I love the sibling relationships here… so precious and amazing! Sometimes when I worry about not being able to give my triplets plus big sis (by only 17 months) the one on one time they need with me, I soothe myself with the fact that they have each other… and what a precious thing that is!!

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    Oh that is just beautiful, Janice! I feel a bit of the same way – I’ve said that the greatest gift I could’ve ever given my kids is each other. Whether or not I’ll still feel that way when they’re teenagers is yet to be seen though… 😉

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    Okay, that’s simply not fair, I’m blubbering like an idiot! That is the sweetest letter. And it makes me think of my brother. We are six years apart, but I’m the eldest. In my experience, that age difference is absolutely perfect. Thirty years later and we are still best friends.

    Your kids are very lucky to have you.

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    What a great piece, I wanted the same thing for my daughter becasue I had no siblings. It broke my heart when I lost her sister, becasue I wanted to give her something I never had but always wanted. A few years later I finally did and they are so amazing together!

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    Oh Janice. So heart warming. So beautiful. Maybe you’ll give her that baby brother she wants 😉

    Wish my two oldest kids liked each other that much. At least my oldest son adores his new baby brother. That’s something 😉


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    Awww, thanks for such a sweet and moving post! I am constantly reminding my daughter how blessed she is to have two brothers. When I see them getting along and giggling together, it warms my heart and makes me thankful also for my four siblings. I have one sister and three brothers, all of us spread around the world. Now I’ve got to go give that sister of mine a call. . .

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    It really is an amazing thing to be able to say. I’ve been enjoying this week getting to tell my son that he is now both a big and a little brother, since we just had a baby. The delight on his face is so wonderful.

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    That bond between siblings is part of the reason I wanted #3 so badly. It took 2 years of trying and hoping for her before I got pregnant. My other two love her to pieces, just like they love one another but it’s different too, since they’re so much older than her. But it’s all good, even when they get irritated with her for getting into their stuff–they have smiles on their faces as they reprimand her.

    So many women worry about taking time away from the first born when they have more kids, but the siblings are such gifts. It is the relationship that most people will have the longest in their lives.

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    Thank you for sharing your beautiful story–how wonderful for your daughters! You’ve also given me hope–my little Kate is almost 4–she wants a sister so badly it make me tear up just thinking about it… It took till I was 37 to conceive her, and now, after chemo, I am unable to have any more children. I’ve thought about adoption, but felt that the age difference might be too large by the time we were able to bring another baby home… Thanks for giving me a little nudge reminding me that it really isn’t too late!

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    Such a sweet post. My 5 year old daughter is alone right now and I am bent on giving her a sister or a brother because she wants to have one, even more than I do. I don’t know when that will happen (we’re trying but..) but when that day comes, I am sure she’ll be overjoyed and I will be too.

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    Beautiful post, thanks for sharing. I had my first born 4 months ago and hope to be able and give him a sibling God willing…..its nice to have some one with whom to share your life :)

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    It does take some getting used to doesnt it? I love when I go out and someone says “how many are in your party” and I have to stop a second and think FOUR! It was three for soooooooooooooooooo long that it feels strange now but also thrilling!


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