Checking In With the Sisters – I’ve Had it Up to Here With Teenagers

Sometimes I am so glad I have a second place to write, off of my own blog, where all of my family and neighbors read everything I write. I’ve gotten in trouble before when I’ve posted a picture of my oldest daughter, and her high school friends have let her know about it. Yes, even my daughter’s teenage friends read my blog. Scary.

This week, I’ve been hanging out in Orlando with a fabulous group of bloggers. The week has been full of adventure, excitement, and guilt. I thought I was done with separation anxiety problems once my kids passed age 6 or so. Not so. My nearly 13 year old daughter decided to pull out the hormones and pass around the guilt this week before I left. She refused to give me a hug or say goodbye when I left, and she walked out of the house with her earphones on.

Oh, the joy of being a mother of two teenage girls!

If you have teens (or will have teens someday or USED to be a teen yourself), you’ve got to check out this book review by Jennifer on 5 Minutes for Books….

I’ve Had it Up to Here with Teenagers

I can’t even describe what a gift reading this book was for me. As the mom of a teenager, I know that I get my best encouragement when I can just be honest with them and admit my struggles and provide a listening ear. Because let’s face it, even though we sometimes want to cry (or yell or pull our hair out), sometimes you just have to laugh.

Melinda Rainey Thompson gave me that in her book I’ve Had it Up to Here with Teenagers. The book made me think about my parenting AND laugh, and that’s a wonderful combination.

Finish reading Jennifer’s review and then go enter to win a copy! Hurry fast….the winner is going to be announced on Monday!

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