The Three Stooges Movie Giveaway

I’ll admit it. I’ve never seen an episode of the classic Three Stooges, and I could never figure out who did watch it. What exactly is it about that silly slapstick humor that people find appealing? Especially full-grown men??

Well, now I have my own little man, and I’m starting to “get” it. Kyle is almost 8, and though my husband isn’t a Stooges fan, physical humor definitely cracks him up. I think the answer to “Why?” is because little boys become big boys, our husbands and friends and fathers.

When I saw the previews for The Three Stooges, I knew that Kyle would enjoy it. He’s going to see a preview with me tomorrow night. Today I want to offer you up a chance to win a great giveaway, but stay tuned this week for more coverage, including my thoughts on the movie and an interview with Chris Diamantopoulos who plays Moe.


From the movie studio:

This spring, “3” + “Stooges” = the spring’s funniest family movie event: THE THREE STOOGES. Left on a nun’s doorstep, Larry, Curly and Moe grow up finger-poking, nyuk-nyuking and woo-woo-wooing their way to uncharted levels of knuckleheaded misadventure.  Out to save their childhood home, only The Three Stooges could stumble their way onto fame, fortune – and starring roles in a phenomenally successful TV reality show.

Visit the official website to play games and Get Stooged!

The film stars Sean Hayes, Will Sasso, Chris Diamantopoulos, Jane Lynch, Jennifer Hudson, Sofia Vergara, Craig Bierko, Stephen Collins, and Larry David and is directed by Peter Farrelly & Bobby Farrelly and is rated PG.

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The Three Stooges is coming to theaters April 13.

Leave a comment to enter. We’ll announce the winners on April 22.

Three (3) winners (U.S. only) will receive:

  • $50 Fandango Gift Card
  • Three Stooges T-Shirt

Prizes and other promotional consideration from 20th Century Fox


  1. says

    I never really liked the original Three Stooges television show, but I want to watch this movie because of the stellar cast ヅ Will Sasso from MADTV is FUN-NY. *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  2. Ronald O. says

    I am a BIG FAN of the original Three Stooges! And the new Three Stooges movie looks like it’s going to be a blast! Especially with Will Sasso in the cast! He’s great! I love his many sketches from MADTV! Thanks for having this amazing giveaway!

  3. Sarah says

    I haven’t seen much of the original Three Stooges, but their work sure has permeated popular culture and been parodied on many series for years. Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. Linda Henderson says

    I grew up watching the Three Stooges with my brothers so I’d love to see this movie. I can’t wait to see how it compares to the original shows.

  5. says

    “Just Say Moe”…SO cute! I think one has to be “in the mood” for slapstick; either that or it’s an acquired taste because sometimes I’d find them extremely funny while other times, not so much. Depending upon rating, I think I’ll take my godchildren to see it; the boys will get a lot of new material, I’m sure.

  6. says

    I loved watching The Three Stooges when I was a kid, so I’m excited to see the movie and introduce our grandson to Larry, Moe, and Curly!
    someluckydog at gmail dot com

  7. wendy wallach says

    not sure how they are going to handle it but it certainly is an interesting concept!

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  8. Terri says

    I can’t say I was a big fan of the original show but I do love Sean Hayes so I’m sure I’ll see this at some point. Thanks!

  9. abe says

    i find it outrageously anti-semitic because the Stooges were quintessential yiddish speaking Jews not Catholics. who wrote the screenplay Mel Gibson? Is it possible the Farrelley didn’t notice the Yiddishisns and Jewish/WASP kulturkamph of the real Stooges?

  10. Ellie W says

    I used to watch The Three Stooges with my dad when I was a kid. My dad has been gone for 27 years and yet every time I catch a rerun they always remind me of my dad laughing. I can’t wait to see the movie.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    eswright18 at gmail dot com

  11. Joanne Schultz says

    I was young at the time but I remember the show being VERY funny – those guys were so silly!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. Christie Roberts says

    I loved the TV show and I think the movie will be great! The actors seem very true to the characters!

  13. says

    Oh, I’m a regular wise guy! Nyuck nyuck nyuck! Why I otta … I’m trying to think but nothin happens! OK, I admit, I’m a stooge. I readily identify (and quote) the boys. I can’t wait to see this flick, I’m going to do the Curly Shuffle all the way to the theater!

  14. Russell Moore says

    It’s great to see the latest incarnation of the Stooge’s. Hope today’s kids get as big a kick out of them as mine did.

  15. Tari Lawson says

    I love the stooges. Just went to see the movie yesterday and while it lacks in some areas, it definately captures the spirit of the original show and is full of laughs. Great fun for all ages.

  16. Demetra A says

    I have great memories of watching the Stooges with my immigrant parents. They were great to watch because we all understood what was going on and laughing is a universal language! My husband was also a huge Stooges fan growing up watching episodes back to back on the days it would run non-stop (Stooge-a-palooza).

    What a great family package!

  17. Susan Ladd says

    I would love to see the movie The Three Stooges. I remember them w/ I was young but, would love to see if the if it is anything like the old one. I want to thank you for this sweep and hope to win :) thanks !!!

  18. Jason Crooks says

    I remember watching the tv show with my dad when I was younger and laughing hysterically. Hopefully the movie will be just as funny.

  19. Christina says

    My friends and family would love this movie (and even I’ve softened up a bit and say ok to The Three Stooges – at first I perceived them as violent)!

  20. Paula Tavernie says

    I love The Three Stooges and would love to win this great prize! Thank you!
    ptavernie at yahoo dot com

  21. Pauline M says

    I have watched a few old time episodes of the stooges in the past and enjoyed them, however, this new version sounds like alot of fun! My kids and I are looking forward to seeing this!

  22. Angela Cisco says

    I have never really been a fan either, It just didn’t amuse me. My husband on the other hand is dying to go see it.

  23. Shelley Mitchell says

    I love the 3 stooges. Can’t wait to see the movie! This would be great!
    msjem2001 at yahoo dot com

  24. KIM CRAWFORD says


  25. susan varney says

    the stooges are back i loved them as a kid and now my grandson can enjoy their antics with me great prizes!!

  26. Shirley Hicks says

    my 16 yr old autistic son ,absolutly loves the old reruns on tv…….so i think he would really enjoy this movie

  27. Emily Dortch says

    The old show was really entertaining to watch. I use to watch an animated cartoon of the three stooges.

  28. Chelsea A says

    I loved the Three Stooges as a kid! I was apprehensive about a remake … hopefully it’s good! :) Hoe I win.

  29. Karen says

    Grew up watching the Stooges with my Dad, cant wait to see the movie. Looks like it will be a fun one. Thanks.

  30. Michelle Tucker says

    The only thing that my husband has in his dvd collection are the Three Stooges. He’d LOVE to go see this. So, I’d love to give him the opportunity to do so.

  31. Ashlee says

    I have loved watching these guys since I was a child. :) Let’s hope these new actors can portray these characters well!

  32. Jennifer Wise says

    My dad and I use to watch the old three stooges on tv long long ago. Hopefully this movie lives up to the old show.

  33. Vicki D. says

    I grew up watching The Three Stooges. My cousin saw the free screening of this movie. She liked it VERY much, and said it was really funny. Now, I want to see it.

  34. susan randazzo says

    Watching the 3 Stooges brings back lots of memories of the good ole days when I was younger and growing up in the Bronx!

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