When Carpet Cleaning is Not Your Favorite Thing in the World

I have been working my butt off trying to get our home clean. During the winter months, I get really lazy and kind of let things slide (like cleaning the mini blinds, woodwork, etc). I usually do plenty of spot carpet cleaning with our little small handheld vacuum but, like I said — this year I have been totally lazy and you can really tell it.

The one job I hate doing the most is cleaning my carpets. I guess the reason is because I have dogs that live in my home and well, we all know that dogs (especially male dogs) can leave a mess and if you don’t get it cleaned up properly — it can cause serious carpet issues and create a smell that is not very inviting.

That is why I am glad that I can count on companies like Stanley Steemer to help me get the job done. Just this week, they shared this information with me!

Are You Spring Cleaning?

Now that Spring is here, the ritual of “Spring cleaning” begins for many. In a recent national poll commissioned by Stanley Steemer, the nation’s largest deep cleaning service, nearly half of respondents predicted spending less than four hours total on this year’s spring cleaning. In fact, almost three in four (74%) can name at least one less-than-enjoyable task they would rather do than the annual ritual; some would even prefer to endure the physical pain of root canal. Yet only 19 percent reported having ever used a professional for cleaning.

Despite their good intentions and best efforts, Americans doing their spring cleaning might make the home look or smell better on the surface, but vacuuming and cleaning machines only remove some of the dirt, dust and particulates that cause allergic reactions. Similar to how we brush our teeth regularly, but every six months head to the dentist for a deeper cleaning, every six months or so, we should call in the pros.

It’s okay to call in reinforcements from time to time

There’s no shame in calling the pros. It’s not just a time-saver; they also get results. Stanley Steemer offers these tips for maintaining a cleaner, healthier home all year long:

  • Vacuum heavy traffic areas 2-3 times a week and the rest of your carpets once a week; schedule a professional deep cleaning every six months.
  • Use indoor and outdoor entrance mats to reduce the amount of dirt that enters your home.
  • Homes should be cleaned in this order: air ducts first, upholstery and drapes second, then floors.
  • In the event of bad spills, keep the area moist until the pros arrive. And for the inevitable red wine spill, dilute the area with white wine before blotting.
  • Grout is a porous material that absorbs soil and spills, just like carpet. Having a sealant applied will help create a protective barrier, giving you more time to clean up dirt and liquid spills before they soak in.

For more information about spring cleaning or to engage a professional cleaner, readers can call 1-800-STEEMER or log on to www.stanleysteemer.com

This is part of a promotional campaign with Stanley Steemer. All opinions are our own.


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    I have to say that the best thing i have every done with working from home is I purchased a Stop Watch
    I don’t time everything I do but i time my self with certain task and try to finish on time. I also time myself because if I ever hired someone to replace some of the tasks i do I know relatively how long it should take. one idea i have come up with that i have not tried yet is to time things you do during the day and record the time it takes and try and improve your time each time for each task. I have only just limited my time to finish something so maybe worth a try for you and your readers.

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    Jennifer, I hate carpet cleaning. It is a hassle but, like you said, it has to be done especially since you have dogs. I think it is always best to get experts to handle hard tasks like your carpet. If you use the wrong products, you could cause some serious issues. You might have to replace your floors which can be costly and lower the value of your house depending on what you can afford to replace your carpet with.

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    Just want to add in my 2c regarding the treatment of “bad spills”. Most accidents and spills DO NOT require professional carpet cleaners and can be handled easily with the proper knowledge. All you need to do is to do the following steps:
    1) Blot off or scrape any excess material (NEVER rub as this sets in and spreads the stain).
    2) Rinse with lots of water and then gently blot the excess.
    3) Apply an appropriate stain remover (easily obtained from the local hardware store)
    4) Rinse and blot again.
    That’s all!

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    Jennifer, I can add that if your carpet looks dirty its a little to late. Dirt and sand can act like sand paper and actually cut the carpet fibers. Very Important to have a regular cleaning and to vacuume to avoid physical damage.

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    We all hate carpet cleaning but it is important to dot it regularly especially if you have kids at home.. I have tried DIY’s and bought cleaning machines but I failed and come to my last option, hiring a professional. Well, I must say they have done well and I dont have complaints. Sometimes you just really need some help from them..

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    Carpet cleaning itself should really be left to the professionals. Spot treatment however, when done properly can be done effectively by just about anyone. I always recommend that my customers keep a few bottles of club soda on hand for treating accidents.

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    Carpet cleaning is one of those activities that I dread. Although I would rather do it than go through a root canal. Getting a professional service is a great idea, it’s got to be one that you really trust, though. I’ve heard good things about Stanley Steemer. All said, I prefer just to use my home carpet cleaner, the results are better than the last professional service I hired (not Stanley Steemer), and I figured I can use the money I save on other things.

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    I clean my carpets twice a year with my bissel deep cleaner. It works pretty well for about $200 and I figured it’d save me money in the long run to do it myself. I also use the bissell cleaner with added scotch guard and I feel that protects the carpets better. Thought I share my idea for any do it yourselfers.

    Marla @ Acarpetcleaned.com

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    Finding a quality carpet cleaning service is always the hardest thing if you do not want to do it yourself.
    As far as scotchgard goes, if you do it yourself, you can buy the concentrate and it will last you forever. Who at a professional carpet cleaning supply store, no license is required.

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    For spills, you can buy a product called Host Powder. If something spills on the carpet, you apply it and pat it down. As it dries, it will wick the spill up into it.

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