Becoming a Runner Mom {Guest Post}

I always hated running — I mean really hated it.  I’ve always been someone who exercises or plays sports, but running was just not for me. After the birth of our first child, our gym membership was a casualty of the new budget.  Plus, I felt it was better for my son to be at home where I was his caregiver, so I managed to find  ways to work out while he napped.  When my youngest was born that all changed.

The time I had to myself while they both napped was virtually non-existent and certainly not enough time to exercise.  I knew that in order to be the best mom I could I needed to exercise — both to keep myself healthy and also to de-stress.  So The best solution seemed to be starting the one activity I despised — running.  Little did I know I would soon be hooked.

My running journey began with the purchase of a second hand double jogger.  I figured even if the running thing didn’t work out, I could always use the stroller for walking or errands.  The first time the boys and I hit the street, my goal was just to see how far I could run while pushing both boys and the stroller.

I was shocked at how hard this was!  I only made it about a quarter mile before having to walk.  Every day I would try to make it a bit further before slowing down and after about 2 weeks, I was up to a mile running nonstop.

One of my biggest struggles was trying to fit in running with the baby’s nursing schedule and my 2 year old’s busy social calendar!  My husband encouraged me to enter a 5k and this was exactly the motivation I needed.  I would train with the boys during the week and on the weekends I would run by myself.  When I completed that first 5K, a running addict was born.  That was 11 months ago. Since then I have completed another 5K, an 8K, a 10K, and am currently training for my first half marathon.

Running has provided me the exercise I crave, the stress relief every mom needs, yet still allows me quality time with the boys.  After each run, the boys and I play “I Spy” or just have silly conversations about anything we see while I cool down.  I also know that by involving them in my workout, that I am modeling to them the importance of exercise and how to enjoy the outdoors.  An activity I once hated has become one I love and hopefully one my children will enjoy when they are older.

Sharon is a wife and stay at home mom to her 2 amazing and very active boys. She also blogs at Momondealz where she helps her readers use coupons, freebies, and giveaways to stay within their budget. Her background as a former elementary school teacher also helps provide her fans with kids crafts that are educational, fun, and frugal!


  1. Kelly says

    I had the saMe mindset about running until I too had my first child. That time ‘alone’ on the trail really is therapeutic.
    I struggle with asthma so it’s a whole production for me to plan out a running session and make sure I’ve taken my inhaler 20 minutes before. Otherwise te run is just aweful and uncomfortable and very untheraputic.
    I’m glad you were able to find a great outlet!

  2. says

    I have just started running last week and I’m motivated of what you have accomplished. I’m looking forward for a great run this week.

  3. says

    I have always been athletic – basketball, volleyball, track, softball, etc – but never a runner. Even when I did track, I didn’t do many running events and when I did, I was never good – not fast enough for sprints and no endurance for distance. As I became a mom, I took less time for me and my desire for keeping active until last year when I felt like I had life under control and that I needed to take my health and weight back into control.
    I started working out last summer doing a variety of things at the gym but I knew I needed to set goals to keep going. My first was to be able to run a couple minutes without stopping. Then to run 1 mile without stopping (check!). Then I wanted to complete a 5k (check!) and then I did a 4 mile race this spring (check!). My next BIG goal is to complete a popular 10 mile race in August. I’m not saying running is EASY – not at all! but I’m so pumped at how far I’ve come already and confident that I’ll make it this summer. I still often run in intervals but that I can even do 4 miles, mostly running, amazes me stilL!

    Its such an awesome feeling to accomplish a goal and see yourself doing something you’ve never done before!! I love it!

  4. says

    As a parent the last paragraph was the best. Involving your kids in the workout is a great example. They know that mommy doesn’t spend her downtime sitting in front of the TV eating unhealthy foods. You are a great example!

  5. says

    I don’t know how you run with a stroller but I am just recently starting back to running myself! I’ve done a half marathon and would love to do a full. First step though, is 5k! Way to go!

  6. says

    I am right here with you on this!! I have just started running after my second one! I have 20lbs. of baby weight to get off of me and in less than a month I have lost 10 by running and calorie counting!! I am training for a 5k and find myself more and more in love with running everyday! I am addicted to say the least! It is def. my time to relieve stress and feel good about the fact that I am taking control of the lifestyle I am living!! Love this post and can totally relate to the way you feel and felt! For anyone considering running I highly recommend the Couch 2 5k app! It trains you to run a 5k and really works!! LOVE IT!

  7. says

    I actually don’t like running, but I wish I did. I look at my husband and friends that run and I would love to be able too, but it seems like my feet weigh 50 lbs. when I try to run…But, this article is definitely inspiring to get back out there and if anything be a role model for my kids!

  8. says

    As a dad who has a little one, finding time to exercise is hard. I am running a home based business and caring for my daughter which takes up a great deal of my time and exercise did not fit into the schedule. I also invested in jogging stroller and took breaks from work and took my daughter for runs. It is a great way for my daughter to get fresh air, me to exercise, and spend time with her.

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