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Shhhh, I have a little secret to tell you.  I don’t like coffee.  Or rather, I do like coffee, but only when it’s had so many things added to it that it no longer tastes like coffee.  When I head to my local coffee house, I usually end up drinking a chai or something similar because it tastes better to me.  And oh, do they taste good.  I have to curb my habit, however, because it gets expensive quickly.  Where I usually go, my chai costs me $4.55.  Ouch.  As pleasant as it tastes, my wallet tends to complain.

It isn’t complaining right now, however.  I recently received some samples of Mocafe’s products, and I have been enjoying them every day since.  There is just about every flavor available under the sun, and I sampled the matcha green tea frappe, the Precious Divinity Spiced and Vanilla Chais, and the Azteca D’oro 1519 Spiced Ground Chocolate.  All these have caffeine, so I was able to drink only one cup in the morning, but there are several offerings that don’t contain caffeine – from the decaf spiced chai to the decaf mocha frappe to the variety of fruit smoothies available.

I loved that the packaging lists recipe ideas for each of the products so that I don’t have to figure out how I want to use them.  The matcha green tea frappe is easily blended with ice cubes to create a great frappe for warmer days.  I enjoyed the taste of this, with just a bit of green tea and sweetness.  It wasn’t overly rich, and it wasn’t at all grainy, which had been my fear with a frozen drink.  While I abstained from adding the whipped cream shown on the packaging, this is something I will happily drink.  The three pound bag costs $26.52 and makes 35 drinks.  I can drink six of the matcha tea frappes for the cost of one of my usual coffee house drinks.  My only complaint is that the three pound bag offers no way to reclose it, so I had to place it in a new container and cut out the instructions to save for later.  I would have loved to see a zip top of some sort on the bag.

I used the chocolate mixed in with some espresso and heated milk for a great mocha latte, as well.  This one I did give in and add the whipped cream – or rather my husband did, since he made it for me – and it was a tasty addition.  In fact, my husband tried to steal this drink from me and keep it for himself.  I’ll be honest that I preferred the other drinks to the one my husband made, but only because his very strong espresso overpowered the drink for me, but it’s easy enough to add less espresso and more milk.  I’m looking forward to trying this chocolate as a “pure” hot chocolate, as that is another recipe offered on the canister, along with a frozen mocha frappe.  The cocoa comes in single serving samples, 14 ounce and 3 pound tins, and 3 pound bags.  An individual 14 ounce tin contains 10 servings and also costs around $0.70 cents per serving.

The chais were the beverages I was most looking forward to tasting, and I’ve had both of them served hot, although there are also recipes for iced chais on the packages.  The vanilla chai is fairly sweet and not the typical chai I’m used to drinking.  While I used more than the 8 ounces of water in my mug with the single scoop, I felt the need to add a little extra with the vanilla chai to get a stronger flavor.  The spiced chai was right up my alley, however, and was a beautifully flavored drink with loads of cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom.  I appreciated that the spiced chai is made with “real” ingredients – cane sugar, nonfat milk, wildflower honey, and the like.  Both chais are offered in single serving packs, 12 ounce tins, and 3 pound bags at a cost under $0.70 per cup.

Somehow, I have a feeling that I won’t be visiting my local coffee house so much anymore.  I love the flavors, especially the spiced chai, and the 130 calories for this chai?  Well, yeah, it’s a little bit less than what I usually drink – only about half as much.  Yikes!  Apparently Mocafe is working on becoming my new best friend in the morning – especially after I order and try out some of that Thai Tea Latte – another of my favorite drinks.

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In the interest of full disclosure, I received samples of the products described above for review purposes.  This was a compensated review, but all opinions remain my own.

Written by 5 Minutes For Mom contributor Michelle, who is currently nursing a hot chai, wishing that spring would return to Chicago so she warms up again.  Read about her travails in the Windy City on her blog Honest & Truly! or follow her on Twitter as @HonestAndTruly.


  1. Mary A says

    mocha frappe…I’m addicted to these things so would be nice to make at home. Spiced chai would be great too.

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