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My family and I are always busy. Everybody has their own schedule and we are constantly running from point a to point d — while forgetting a stop at point b or c. Have you ever done that before? Thankfully, there are websites out there like Find and Remind to help me.


Find and Remind is a relatively new website that is set to organize you and your family! It it designed to help keep all of your family members events and extra-curricular activities in order in one central location.  You can create:

– Events
– To Do Lists
– Messages
– Group Links

The idea behind Find and Remind

The idea behind findandremind® is to coordinate families, events, and the organizations important to them…all from one handy online place. Helping you join forces with others to streamline and manage your lives—all from the comfort of your keyboard.

All of your items that you add will show up on your calendar from events to the “to-do” items you need to get done. You can even send automatic reminders to yourself.

One of the neatest features for me is the group links. Group links are great for planning activity groups like classroom parties, playdates with friends and more.

  • Create private networks for groups of people (i.e. your family, school/classroom, any activity group).
  • Each Group Link gets its own private Home Page for publishing all communications and events.
  • Post or View group Message Blasts, Blogs, Events, Signup Sheets, Photos…all in one handy spot!
  • View all your Group Links right here…just click “Create a Group Link” above to start one!

Command Center

At the top of the page is the Command center  where you can see all the information coming up on your Calendar, how many messages you have,  as well as your groups and To Do Lists.


Need a volunteer for your event? Ditch the paper and endless emails, and create ONLINE Volunteer (“Pitch In or Fill In”) signup sheets to recruit folks to help out with any activity — the school carnival, a church/temple fundraiser event, items to bring for a potluck, teacher conference signup, any activity!

The best part about this program is that it is FREE to use!

As a single mom to an active child with a busy life at home, is perfect for us to use. It not only keeps our homelife stress free, but it helps with  her father’s too.  I can invite family and friends to see our events, as long as they have signed up and are listed as friends.  This is a nice feature as well because it can keep your information very secure and stop those you don’t want to see what you are up to, from seeing it.

If you don’t use a program yet, I highly recommend this to you!  I know there are many sites out there that help you organize your life, but, with Find and Remind, I love that it has specific features such as the volunteer sheet.

How do you keep your busy lifestyles organized? 

This is a sponsored post for FindandRemind. All opinions are our own.


  1. says

    This looks like such a fantastic way to keep everyone organized! I have a question: I’ve always wanted an electronic calendar to be able to remind me when I have to LEAVE for an event. It’s one thing to be able to write down when something starts, but you can see even more scheduling conflicts when you can factor in travel time. Does this have a feature like that?

  2. tonyb says

    Because you can set when a reminder goes out for any event you create on findandremind, just enter a reminder time (like 1 hour if you need to leave 1 hour before the event starts). Findandremind will send you an email automatically to remind you!

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