Graduation, Diapers, and Prom {Guest Post}

Our guest post today comes from Colleen, who is knee deep in graduating her oldest, getting her middle child off to prom, and starting all over again re-learning her parenting skills with her 6 month old daughter. Today she shares her heart regarding these three topics. Be sure to chime in if you have ever been through anything like this in your life.


For the last several weeks our house has been consumed with graduation planning, diapers and prom; not necessarily in that order.

Our oldest is counting down the days until graduation — less than two months.  This graduation is a huge deal and accomplishment.  It has been a long road to get to the final days and weeks when she will walk across the stage to accept her well deserved diploma.  It’s a huge deal because Allison has dedicated hours upon hours to passing her classes with a learning disability, taking graduation tests and retaking graduation tests to ensure that she will be done! So why not plan a BIG party?


In the moments between graduation announcements and ordering decorations,  we have our ever vocal infant, Catherine!  Her recent phrase has been “da-da-da-da”.  I think Daddy is secretly teaching her these phrases on the evenings I have to work late!  We experienced our first high fever this last week with her 6-month shots.  She was not a happy camper and just seemed miserable.  Thankfully it came down a bit and by the end of the weekend she was feeling a little better, minus the congestion.  Are your allergy counts as high as down South?

I was recently reflecting back to before Catherine was born,  about how Scott and I would talk about what to expect.  We talked about him being a new dad again after 17 years,  we discussed diapers, feedings and “what do we do with her”.  It’s funny how changing a diaper becomes a second nature and you never forget how to do it, and entertaining our new daughter with measuring spoons or whatever is close by is “what we do with her”!

And let’s not forget our middle child recently going to Prom.  Neither Scott nor I went to Prom, but have  you noticed the prices? Wow, when did it get so expensive?  I’m sort of glad our oldest daughter didn’t have the desire to go, because when you add in hair, make-up and/or shoes it sure could cost a lot of money.  But we were able to get everything together to allow him to go.  Doesn’t he look sharp?

Have you had some big life changes happening in your home recently? How did you deal with them? What was your reaction?

 We are winding down the school year and forward marching into the summer!  I’m looking forward to not making school lunches, having an easier commute to and from work each day and squeezing in a short family trip!

Colleen lives in Georgia and has been married to her techy husband, Scott for four years.  She works full time in Higher Education and is a full time step mom to Allison (18), Brandon (17) and a recently new mom to Catherine (6 months).  She started blogging when her family started to move around and it was a way to keep connected with friends and family.  She writes about anything from sewing clothes, family to training for her next endurance race and there will always be a few posts about food, her favorite topic!

You can find her blogging at Thrifty Girl.




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    Wow, love this article as I can relate! My husband and I are raising an 18-month old boy and have an 18 year old daughter in college! When we found out we were pregnant with our second child after 18 years, we were ecstatic, but also nervous. Big sister loves it and we are having a wonderful time with our experience!

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    Our almost-19 year old son went to prom two years ago. I was shocked at the amount of money spent, especially by the girls. The last two years of high school seem to be very expensive…prom, class rings, senior portraits, graduation, etc. Congratulations on your daughter’s graduation!

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