Bullies and Babies {Guest Post}

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Today’s guest post comes from Mandi. She and Baby C have a question about bullies. Read her story and leave a comment letting her know how you would have handled this situation.


Earlier this week, I took Baby C to an indoor playground not too far from home. Normally, I hate paying for “free play,” but I needed to get Baby C and I out of the house and socializing with others to help cure my Winter Blues.

Baby C was so excited to get down and play the minute we walked in the door. We paid for our hour of, what I thought would be fun, and put our
belongings in the cubby. Baby C took off right away. She was the happiest little girl running around with a ball half her size. Until some boy, at least three times her age, grabbed the ball from her and took off. Who steals a ball from the cutest baby on Earth?

I picked up Baby C, found a new ball and headed to the divided toddler area. As Baby C was having a ball (pun intended), out of no where, the same little boy jumps the wall, grabs Baby C’s ball out of her hands saying, “give me that,” and jumps back over to the big kid section. I was in complete shock that someone would do that AND wondered who in the world would let their child do something like that? A parent who obviously isn’t paying attention to their child.

My heart sank for Baby C, knowing that there would be even more bullies in this world coming her way and I won’t be able to protect her from them. But she just kept on playing as if nothing had happened. She began to climb the little tree house, when another little girl (who was at least 4 or 5 and looked much like the ball stealer) says to me, “Um, excuse me, but this is for big kids.” I wanted to say, “Um, excuse yourself right out of the toddler area.” But I didn’t. I simply replied, “It’s okay for my daughter to play here.”

After wrapping up our hour of fun misery, I picked Baby C up and headed home. The little events played over and over in my head and I wondered if I should have done something about the incidences that happened. Should I have reprimanded the boy or maybe talked to a supervisor? Or was I just overreacting and kids will be kids?

Have you ever been in this kind of situation? What did you do or what would you have done? This new mama needs advice and reassurance.

I’m Mandi, a former teacher turned stay-at-home mom to my Sweet Tiny Blessing, Baby C. I’m also a wife, friend, sister and daughter.

You can find me blogging at Sweet Tiny Blessings.



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