Cottonelle Toilet Paper Cover – Not Your Grandma’s Bathroom

Do you remember when you were a kid your Granny having one of those little crocheted dolls that was used as a toilet paper roll cover? Mine had a yellow dress with brown hair. She was a beautiful little thing. I was fascinated by it. But I don’t think we ever used the toilet paper. All the extra rolls were stored in the bathroom closet.

Today I have no fancy toilet paper roll covers, mine is stuffed in a cupboard I have in my bathroom. But Cottonelle has come out with a stylish new roll cover that I am totally coveting right now! Not only is is stylish but it’s functional.

In January, Cottonelle released three beautiful roll covers designed by Jonathan Adler. Adler is known for his energetic, fun designs and he did not fail with these covers! The new collection features three exclusive designs sketched by Jonathan Adler, and are packed with a variety of vibrant colours and bold patterns that will make a statement in any bathroom. They are absolutely fun! These roll covers allow people to use a very over-looked opportunity as a way to enhance your bathroom’s decor. One simple roll cover can add a splash of color and attitude that might otherwise be lost.

The three different designs – Barjello Blue, Chevron Pink, and Clover Green are available at You can get them two ways 1) for free (you pay only $1.99 USD/$2.25 CND S&H per roll cover) by purchasing specially marked packs of Cottonelle Clean Care Toilet Paper and redeeming the code inside or 2)  by ordering online for $2.00 plus shipping and handling per cover.
This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are our own and were in no way influenced. 

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