My kid is paying attention…

by Janice

If you have been following my tweets, you will know that earlier this month someone stole my iPhone.

I was devastated. To live without an iPhone, once you have experienced the enlightenment of life with an iPhone, is truly painful.

BUT when I phoned to report my stolen phone, my wireless carrier informed me that because I didn’t qualify yet for an upgrade, it would be $650 for a refurbished replacement or $750 for a new one. (Oh and yes those numbers were before tax!)

YES – absolute HORROR!!! What was I supposed to do?!? I don’t know about you, but I don’t have an extra $700 lying around.

I was devastated. I phoned numerous times, talking to different people, trying to see if something could be done. I have been a loyal customer for over a decade. Couldn’t they just allow me to get an phone and the upgrade price that I would qualify for in six months?

Finally, I called the cancellation department. (They wield all the power!) Without blinking an eye, she gave me a new iPhone for $250. THANK YOU for SMART customer service! Losing me as a customer would have cost the company a lot more money.

NOW – fast forward a couple days…

My six year old was whining and negotiating for another cookie. (Do all kids do this???)

The dance continued.

“Please Moooommm – I just want half more. PLEASE???”

“Jackson – I already said NO. Once I have said no that is it. I am not going to change my answer. It doesn’t work to just keep asking over and over. It is not going to change anything.”

“Well,” he calmly replied, “It worked for you with the phone company.”


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