A Single Basket for a Single Mother-Honor the Mom

According to a recent census there are over 10 million single mothers in the United States. These women are your friends, co-workers, neighbors, and family members. Honor the Mom Inc. hopes to encourage people to pay it forward this Mother’s Day by selecting a deserving single mom in their community and nominating her to receive a gift basket.

Founder, Cindy Cole began “Honor the Mom” six years ago with this simple act of kindness toward an amazing single mom who continues to inspire all that know her. Each year since 2006 single moms have been waking up to a doorbell ring on Mother’s Day morning. The card enclosed always reads, “We acknowledge all that you do and thank you for being an amazing woman” signed, “Honor the Mom.”

“Being a teacher, I understand and see the challenges that single moms face each day. I just wanted to do my small part and help single mother’s feel acknowledged and special on Mother’s Day” said Cole. “We all know that unique mom that seems to manage it all; taking care of their kids, work, schooling needs, cooking, various activities, etc. They do an amazing job and make huge sacrifices. These women should be admired and

Corona resident, Lisa Miller was the initial inspiration for Honor the Mom and the first basket recipient some six years ago. “When I opened the door, I felt a wave of emotion. I just started crying. I was so surprised, excited, curious, in awe… I felt special, blessed, loved!!!” It was years before Miller would know where that secret basket came from.

Debbie Kane received an Honor the Mom basket on Mother’s Day 2009 and had this to say: “I always thought Mother’s Day was about spoiling my mom. That morning opening the presents with my boys by my side, I felt like that day was about me.” Kane just learned about Honor the Mom at a local ladies book club and was surprised to discover how it all started.

Cole has remained nameless and faceless all of these years and now through the encouragement of family and friends hopes that Honor the Mom will become a thriving non-profit that supports single mothers across the country.

Cole and a group of ten women will be participating in the Wahoo 5K in Orange County on May 1st to promote awareness for Honor the Mom. “We thought this was a positive venue to promote the simple act of kindness of Honor the Mom”. “Just one week before Mother’s Day made it perfect timing and my hope is that people will ask about the logo and website on our bright pink shirts,” said Cole.

The best gift we can give ourselves is the gift of giving back. For more information visit http://www.honorthemom.com.

Honor the Mom Inc. is a non-profit organization.

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