Can Definitely Save You An Unnecessary Trip to the Store

Living way out in the country away from most stores has me scrounging for ways to get my household essentials without having to drive to town. I have ordered from Amazon, Wal-Mart, natural sites, and Out of all those sites, my ultimate favorite is Alice. Why? Because everyone needs an Alice.

So, What is Alice?

Alice provides you a better way to manage all of your household essentials online. You tell Alice what you buy—choosing from great deals on 1000’s of products—and Alice goes to work. We organize all of your products, find coupons and deals for you, remind you when you might be running low, and help you order just the items you need so you can avoid that trip to the corner drugstore or the big-box store. And all this convenience comes direct to your door with free shipping on orders of $40 or more.

What Do I Love About Alice?

One of my favorite aspects of Alice is the re-order alert. Each time you add an item to your cart or to your shelf, you can set the desired re-order frequency. Then, when it nears that time, a re-order alert will pop up on your Alice screen letting you know that it is about time to place that new order.

Another thing that I really love about Alice is the ability to use coupons on the site. It does all the work for you. If there is a coupon available for it, Alice will let you know!

You can shop by room for all your household essentials and you can even create a budget for each type of essential that you use. Alice will help you stay on track and keep you from going over your budget, provided you set one up when you were creating your profile.

How much does it cost to use Alice? is free to use. There are no subscription costs or anything of that nature. You do have to pay shipping on your purchases, but honestly–if you are like me and live away out, you will spend more in gas than you would in shipping to order from If you place an order of $40 or more, shipping is free! currently only ships to the United States, but they are working on being able to deliver to other countries.

Later in the month, we will be having a giveaway for a $75 gift certificate for you to spend in the store, so stay tuned for that!

In the meantime, you can save a whopping 20% off your very first order using this special link for all of you 5 Minute for Mom Readers! is a great way to save you money, time, and added shopping headaches. Order from them today and give them a chance. I promise you, will become your new favorite place to shop for all your household items.

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