MiriyaLOK HUGE Diaper Bag Giveaway

Are you an “everything in your bag” kind of mom? Can you survive for three days and nights on just the contents in your purse or diaper bag?

I love to have everything and anything I might need with me when I am on the go. It makes me feel prepared — a boy scout kind of mom!

If you want a comprehensive diaper bag that keeps you prepared for all sorts of situations, check out the MiriyaLOK Everything Bag.

MiriyaLOK is a mom owned company that offers diaper bags and other products for parents and babies. Their specialty is their miriyaLOK Everything Bag (retail value $100).

The Everything Bag is a diaper bag that comes with just about everything you could think of wanting when you’re out and about.

This diaper bag comes complete with changing pad, wipes pouch, “oops I made a mess” drawstring bag, umbrella and photo keychain. It is made of ripstop nylon and has many interior and exterior pockets for all your needs. This is a great bag for parents who want a large diaper bag that offers many pockets and organization features.

Our readers can get a special discount right now at miriyaLOK. Email them (miriya@miriyaLOK.com) and they’ll help you purchase this $100 bag for $75. You can also get 10% off anything else in their shop by sending them an email with your selections.

We are also offering 10 lucky readers their very own miriyaLOK Everything Bag. Just leave a comment below to enter. Let us know if you are an “everything kind of bag” mom and if you would love a miriyaLOK.

MiriyaLOK is also generously donating 5 bags to our Under the Tree sponsored families.

To enter to win, leave your comment below.

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This giveaway is open for entry from Thursday, December 18th through Friday January 2nd. The winners will be announced on Saturday January 3rd. This giveaway is only open to US shipping addresses.

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  1. says

    My daughter in law is going to have a baby ( grand daughter I hope), we would most definately love the miriyaLOK bag! It would make a great shower gift for her.

  2. says

    Oh you have no idea how badly I need to win this. Right now my way of carrying around my needful things are in my back pocket. I’d love to win an everything bag especially with a toddler and new baby coming.
    cat at 3kidsandus dot com

  3. says

    Would love one of these!

    I am a subscriber to your feed
    subcribe to your newsletter
    Sporting the button on my blog.

  4. ~Lana B~ says

    I am definitely an “everything kind of bag” mom and would love a miriyaLOK!!!! How cool!
    Thanks so much,
    ~Lana B~

  5. says

    Still carrying a backpack for our twins and have another baby on the way in weeks – we definitely NEED a bigger bag to carry it all!!

  6. Beverly says

    I love the big diaper bag. It’s big and will hold everything needed. It’s just what my cousin needs. She just had twins. She’ll have to carry quite a lot and right now, she doesn’t have anything. This diaper bag would be a real blessing for her.
    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

  7. Beverly says

    I’m a subscriber via email.

    This diaper bag is made of nylon. It can take a beating. Should last a long time. It’s great!

  8. says

    I usually cram everything into one bag because carrying a purse and a diaper bag just isn’t practical. I don’t like to juggle keys, kids, water bottles and 2 bags. Instead I consolidate. I would love to win this bag!

  9. says

    I would love to win this bag – I AM and everything in kind of gal. My family has long since made fun of me for this, but I am ALWAYS prepared!

  10. says

    This would be GREAT, I’m always on the go with my kids. I’m definitely an EVERYTHING in a bag type of Mom. I’d LOVE to win one of these.

  11. Heather H. says

    My sister is expecting and she is a “everything kind of bag” mom and if you would love a miriyaLOK.

  12. Lachelle says

    I have tried to downgrade bags but I panic when I don’t have everything that I could possibly ever need with me – so a big bag it is!

  13. says

    I’m SO an “everything in the bag” kind of mom!! My husband calls me McGuyver – I’ve got everyhting in there! Just in case….I’d love to have this bag! Two two kiddos to tote aroudn, this would be helpful!


  14. staceyk says

    I could use a new diaper bag since my first one with my first child was worn out and thrown out. I’ve forgotten about needing one now that my second child is due soon!

  15. Serena says

    I’m definitely an everything kind of bag mama! I would love to win this diaper bag! (It looks like it would be great–so roomy–for cloth diapers!)

  16. says

    I AM SO an EVERYTHING in my bag type…I just don’t see how moms can leave the house with just a small purse…I carry nail clippers, motrin, files, diapers, wipes, extra clothes, underwear…and on and on! Plus my bag serves as a purse as well. I COULD TOTALLY USE THIS!! I’m so hard on my stuff and really am in need of a good bag!! Thanks for the chance!!

  17. karen c. says

    I always have food in my bag, especially fruit snacks. Sometimes, when we’re at home, instead of going to the kitchen, my toddler will bring me my bag and ask for a snack. He knows they’re in there. The worst is when I run out and he keeps digging through my bag when we’re out, because the snacks must be there somewhere.

  18. says

    I mostly am an everything in bag as I usually have two in diapers or at least one potty training. So, extra clothes, diapers (which are cloth and a little more bulky), burp cloths billfold, hand sanitizer, wipes, you name it, it goes…not to mention at least two (if not more) sippy cups for all the kids and their snacks…this bag would be great for #5 coming along in March.

  19. Katherine Frazier says

    What a great bag – I am an everything in the bag mom and would love one of these bags.

  20. says

    I am an everything in the bag kinda Nana. I hate having to keep up with a purse and a diaperbag when Lil Man and I head out for a day together. I’d love to have a MiriyaLOK bag.

  21. says

    I hate the idea of carrying around multiple bags… purse and diaper bag. I love the idea of having one bag. I’m having my 3rd baby in February and haven’t got a diaper bag yet, but I am so ready to have a big bag for both my goods and my baby’s!

    I’m an RSS subscriber and I posted a link back on my blog!

    Thank you for having this giveaway!

    commentsweeps [at] gmail [dot] com

  22. Corie says

    We’re working on Baby #4 here. Scott and I got married in August after both being widowed for several years. Baby Levi will bring us to two boys and two girls all blended together. God is good!

  23. Kat R says

    I am an everything in the bag type person, I learned the hard way after my first to carry everything but the kitchen sink with you when you go anywhere and with #4 now running around this bag would be heaven

  24. Jamessina says

    I happen to own this bag and just want to say how absolutely fabulous it is! The changing pad is the best size, will last you from birth through two years of age, and the umbrella matches completely, making you feel oh-so coordinated.

    Even if you dont win this bag, definitely take advantage of the discount and order one for yourself. From one mom to another, this bag is a showstopper and such a must-have for any mom, whether you have newborns or toddlers!

  25. says

    I am load everything that I think I will need and now my daughter has a 3 month old and she often carries 2 bags because she never knows what she will need

  26. says

    Oh how great it would be to win one of these. I have 7 children and take care of 3 others ( FIVE under the age of 4!!!) I take EVERYTHING with me….I have had the same bag for years this is so roomy & trendy….Would love to carry this around!!

  27. Jessica says

    I am always carrying around 2-3 bags for my kids at any given time. This prize would make my life sooo much easier! Thanks!

  28. Amber G says

    I am definitely an “everything kind of bag” mom – I love the compartments and how they are perfect for throwing all of my junk in a bag while still keeping some semblance of organization!

  29. Krissy McNeely says


  30. Marilyn says

    We know a mommy due in March who doesn’t have a lot. She has two boys and is having her first girl she is definetely an everything in one bag kind of mom. Happy Holidays everyone!


  31. Marlena U. says

    I have a big ol’ purse that I throw everything in…diapers, wipes, snacks, sippy cup. I could use a new bag!!

  32. judy brittle says

    Yes I am an “everything kind of bag” mom and would love a miriya,OK. They are really great and I could put a lot in it. Thank you so much!

  33. Vickie Couturier says

    I sure am a everything kind of bag mom and I would love a miriyaLOK bag!wow,could I put a lot of stuff in this,very nice bags,you could use those as a purse as well,thanks for the chance

  34. Tali says

    As a ne mom…i still need everything with me at all time – all the books…the toys……the phones…the snacks (for me)…so this bag looks great!

  35. Stephanie V says

    Yes, I’m a bag lady — love to have everything with me “just in case”. fingers crossed for this fab bag!

  36. Vanessa C. says

    I am definitely an ‘everything kind of bag’ momma! The one I have now is tiny and doesn’t close…I am constantly picking things up off dirty floors!

  37. Margaret Smith says

    I never knew what they called my obsession of having to bring everything with me and now I do. lol I’m am a big time “everything in your bag” kind of mom? I always keep a prepared bag, because you never know when you may have to run out with no time.
    What a great contest. Thank you so much for offering this giveaway.

  38. says

    I’m sure everyone says they “need” a new diaper bag but girls really if you could see me with my 4 kiddos and my hospital diaper bag you would agree. This bag is exceptional!

  39. says

    I am definitely an “everything” kind of bag mama! This would be great for staying organized, instead of throwing tons of stuff willy nilly into different bags/backpacks and constantly changing them out!

    Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

  40. Debra B says

    This is my kind of bag, and I would really love to win it, Big Thanks for the chance to enter this fantastic giveaway, Merry Christmas to all

  41. amandasue says

    This bag would be awesome! I’m not a mom yet, but I definatly will be an everything bag mom! You never know when you’ll need something so better to have lots of stuff with you. Thanks for entering me.

  42. Bhav says

    Yes I totally need an everything bag! This sounds perfect. I find that no bag can carry the amount of stuff that I need to schlep around!

  43. clenna in NH says

    My daughter’s bag is falling apart. She carries everything in her bag- wallet, baby stuff, extra breakfast bars and a bottle of water. The MiriyaLOK Everything Bag is so big and organized! Her bag is a black hole – throw it in and you might find it and you might not!

  44. Sandra S says

    Twins on the way — this bag would be an incredible help!!!

    Great site, btw. Store directory is very helpful.

  45. Diana says

    my sister is an everything mom. I am shocked and amazed about the things she pulls out of her large bag. I would love this bag for her, so she could be a little better organized. thanks!

  46. Shannon says

    I would love to win this and it would come in handy when I have two kids to carry things around for!

  47. Emilie P says

    I am an “everything” kind of bag mom but since I have two little boys, ages 2 and 10 months, I need a bag that can hold a lot. This would be perfect. Thanks so much!

  48. connie says

    This would be so perfect for my daughter who is expecting her FOURTH baby in a couple of months. Obviously she would be estatic with this bag. :)

  49. Lindsay says

    I would love this bag! Now I lug my diaper bag, laptop bag and purse everywhere. Would be lovely to consolidate a bit!

  50. Katharine says

    Yep, I am a Mom with a toddler and baby in tow, and another on the way. I need an Everything Bag!

  51. Tracy says

    I am definitely an “everything kind of bag” gal and I would love a miriyaLOK. Nice to read of their generous donation as well, Kudos! Have a great holiday everyone :-)

  52. Aisling says

    One thing about having a new baby is that you have a good reason to carry a diaper bag that will hold “everything”.

  53. Christina G. says

    I’m an “everything kind of bag” mom and I would love a miriyaLOK. Thanks for the giveaway!

  54. says

    I am expecting twins and can use a carry all. I already carry around 2 bags just for me.

    thao (dot) powell (at) gmail (dot) com

  55. Kay M. says

    My daughter is having #4 and #3 is just over a year old. This would be so wonderful for her. By the way, I love your site!

  56. Debra L. says

    #1 Baby is coming in May!! Would love to have this roomy bag so we can fill it with all our gear!! Thank you so much for this offer:)

  57. Jennifer Short says

    I have been known to have everything needed in my purse. One time in church someone asked for wire cutters and I pulled out needle nosed pliers with a wire cutter on them! I could have racked up some serious cash on that old “Let’s Make a Deal” gameshow where they asked if women had oddball stuff in their purses.

    This would be great for a friend of mine who is expecting her first.

  58. louise says

    If I won this bag there’s no telling what u would find in it.;) ty 4 the awesome giveaway and entry :)

  59. Aura says

    I have 2 sets of twins so whether or not I would like to shlep around the kitchen sink, I kinda have to and I would like a nice bag to do it with.

  60. Melissa says

    I’m a bit of an overpacker anyway but now that I have 2 and the oldest is trying to pottytrain, I’d love a better bag than the one that I have now. Thanks for the giveaway!

  61. Dana Eckstrom says

    Sure I would love one! It’s a heck of a lot better than throwing a bunch of baby items in your purse!
    I need all of those amenities!

  62. Kimberly L says

    Yes I am an “everything kind of bag” mom and I would definitely love a miriyaLOK


  63. Jamie Davis says

    My new mom friend is definitely an “everything kind of bag” mom and she would love this as a gift.

  64. ky2here says

    I’m definately an ‘everything kind of bag’ parent. Who can carry all those separate bags and remember where the crap is at?

  65. Debra F says

    I know I’m an everything kind of bag mom and would certainly be grateful to win this great bag. I’m always stuffing things in all my pockets, my kids pockets, the glove compartment, etc. This would be great. Happy Holidays.

  66. Sarah Hirsch says

    I am not an everything bag kind of girl, but I always wish that I were. I never seem to have just the thing I need, and often find myself wishing I had packed kleenex, a snack for the kids, a change of shirt for one of them, etc.

  67. olgalitzabeth says

    would love to have this for Baby due in February and i am having twins boy and a girl Thanks so much

  68. Lindsay Vandermyde says

    I have most everything ready for my new baby, but no diaper bag! This would be awesome to win!

  69. Alecia Gibson says

    I am an “everything kind of bag” and I would love a miriyaLOK.

    agsweeps (at) hotmail (dot) com

  70. Kat says

    I am definitely an “everything kind of bag” person and I would love to own this MiriyaLOK – beautiful and functional!

  71. Christine W says

    I keep a lot in my bag but this would be a TERRIFIC gift for my friend who is pregnant with twins. She will have to carry double the stuff! Thanks for the chance!

  72. Karen P says

    Yes, Yes, Yes, I would love it, and I am definetly a throw everything in the bag momma. Thank you.

  73. Tammy Marshall says

    People always make fum of me for always having everything I need in my bag, and sometimes having everything someone else might need in my bag too! =) Yes, I AM an everything kind of bag mom, and yes, I would Love a miriyaLOK.

  74. Carrie Baird says

    This would be a great gift for my daughter-in-law & son. Thanks for the chance to win!

  75. Terry C says

    I am an “everything kind of bag” gal. This is really neat because it also converts to a backpack. Sometimes you need both hands free! Thanks!

    braaisjo at gmail dot com

  76. Lisa C says

    I definitely am a “everything kind of bag” mom! A miriyaLOK diaper bag would be awesome!

  77. Stephanie says

    Great bag! Thanks for the chance to win it. I just discovered your page, but i’m sure I”ll be back.

  78. Renee Borders says

    Yes, I’m an everything kind of bag Mom AND Maw Maw. With 7 grandchildren I can certainly use this bag. Thanks! :)

  79. Jennifer R says

    I would love to win this, I seem to always have a lot of stuff to carry around with 3 kids. Thanks for the chance to win.

  80. Sherri B. says

    I am definitely one of those “everything in the bag” type gals. My mom tells me I have everything in there but the kitchen sink. If I could figure out how, I might put it in there as well!!! I could really use one of these!!!!

    sherri419 at gmail dot com

  81. Angela Henderson says

    I NEED it! I hate carrying around more than 1 bag and the one time I forget one in the car is the time I really need it! I need a cool bag to consolidate everything into!

  82. Bonnie says

    Wow what a neat diaper bag, I would love to win it for my grandsons wife, thier little girl is such a doll.

  83. Kathy Conley says

    I definitely like having everything imaginable at hand and this would be an awesome bag for me!

  84. A Casson says

    yepp I am a “everything in your bag” kind of mom Cand no I dont think I can survive for three days and nights on just the contents in my purse or diaper bag. Thanks for the nice prize, woohooo. skyxsky27(at)gmail.com

  85. MandyMarie says

    I am an absolute everything in your bag type of Mom! My doc actually makes me weigh my bag when I go in, it’s so embarassing..lol. I would like this one for my Step Daighter though, she’s due any minute now! Thank you as always!

  86. Rachel Robertson says

    I am one of those everything in your bag type of moms. I really think I have everything but the kitchen sink in the bag! I know it is kind of silly but I am always so afraid of leaving something behind when I go somewhere that I pack everything I possibly can in case of an emergency. Sometimes I think I could survive as long as the passengers on Gilligans Island and when I was rescued I would still have half a diaper bag full of things!

  87. Erin Daly says

    This bag looks amazing! I just had my second child and could use a fabulous new bag to get organized for 2009!

  88. kathy says

    I would love to win a miriyaLOK – I am definitely an “everything” in my bag kind of person. I even surprise myself with what I find sometimes!

  89. Sharold says

    We could live for days with what is in my bag. I have it covered from food to minor medical supplies.

  90. Roseann Kies says

    I’m definitely an “everything kind of bag” Mom. Thanks for the contest! I could really use this!

  91. Teresa says

    I am definitely and everything kind of bag woman and would love one of these! They are delightful!