Tackle It Tuesday – Tackling….Frustration!

Tackle It Tuesday

This week’s Tackle is a little different than most of our weekly projects. Rather than a physical project, I tackled the frustrations I’ve faced this week while dealing with people who didn’t follow through with a commitment.

Without going into specific detail, I volunteered to help out with something at one of my kids’ schools. The project that I needed to complete depended heavily on other people getting their steps done first. I waited. I sent emails. I tried to contact people multiple times, but got almost no response. A few parents who had not volunteered for that middle step in the project tried to help fill in some gaps.

In the end, I had to make do with what I had personally done. Many times over the last few weeks I’ve felt like that young woman tugging at her hair. I’ve certainly felt like screaming, “I will NEVER volunteer for this again!”

The problem is that regardless of what I do or don’t volunteer to do, I will always run into people – at school, at work, and even at church – who will not follow through with their half of a commitment. My husband taught me a great lesson this week.

What they do is out of my control. What I do is under my control. Focus on what I can change and let go of what I can’t.

I have spent so much time these last few weeks frustrated with other people, but in the end that energy was wasted. My frustration was not productive at all. And for the record….with my husband’s help and expertise, the project turned out pretty awesome (if a little bit short because of lack of input from others).

How do you deal with frustrations like this? Any tips to avoid them altogether?


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    My husband and I have been putting off taking a family vacation because of our financial goals for too long so I purchased tickets this weekend and realized the reason we kept putting it off was our fear of financial stress. I can’t change the economy, but I can change how I choose to think about it as it relates to my life and I can let go of a work first play later mindset that holds my family back from affordable fun. :)

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    My post this week is about the spring garden preparations that I’m doing to get ready for planting snap peas, etc. on St. Patrick’s Day. It’s always a big job to prune the plants, and I can’t delegate it to anyone else except my dh. However, I’m focusing on doing 30 minutes at a time, or filling up the trash barrels in time for trash day (rose prunings don’t go in our compost).

    I volunteer at school a lot, and I’ve had to work with others over the years in a variety of ways. It can be extremely frustrating! For example, I loaned my mil a cd of DS8’s kindergarten graduation which I need back for his First Communion Album. She can’t find it! I’m not even sure she even looked at it. I’ve asked her about it for almost a year. I even tried not to loan her the original in the first place. Finally, I asked the computer teacher at school for another copy and had it in a day. Honestly, I’m still a bit miffed at my mil, and I’m working on getting over it because I was able to get what I needed another way.

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    I feel like this a LOT with my dh. He is what I call the “fun dad” meaning he’s great for distracting the kids when I need to get something done but unfortunately not terribly responsible. I do not have words for how frustrated I feel sometimes!

    I’m afraid I can’t give you any great tips but I can definitely empathize and tell you that you are not alone!


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