Create Laughter with Your Tween While You Watch My Moodies

Did you notice the “My Moodies” link in the navigation bar on the site? 5 Minutes for Mom is partnering with My Moodies to bring you animated content for both moms and daughters.


What is My Moodies?

From Reginald Morris
Creator/Executive Producer

My Moodies is a website that was created for moms and daughters. When they wrote the pilot episode of My Moodies they did so desiring to help individuals who find themselves the target of bullying. Creators had the main character, Ragena triumphantly face her school bully, Korrie Frost and put her in her place. Do you think this character’s example could be enough to cause other kids who are contemplating taking their life to have a different thought. Maybe this will inspire them to reach out to a teacher or speak to a parent instead of choosing a scarf to end their life.


To watch the first episode, just visit the My Moodies page. While you are there, be sure to click around and look at the other cool stuff available.

New episodes of My Moodies are posted on Mondays so be sure and watch each week to see the latest episode.

This is part of a paid promotional campaign for My Moodies. All opinions listed are our own.


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