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My daughter informed us the day after Valentine’s Day that she would really like to receive presents for Valentine’s Day. From us. Honestly, it’s never been a huge holiday for me or my husband, but it seems to be important for my daughter. Her request really did make me wonder…why is it that she craves that outward signal of our love?

As I was checking in with our sister sites this week, I discovered a wonderful post Barbie from My Freshly Brewed Life on 5 Minutes for Faith.

Be My Valentine

When I was a little girl, I always looked forward to the Valentine’s Day class party at school. I would get dressed up. My mother would make cookies (we could take homemade ones back then) and I would pick out valentines to give to all of my special friends. I enjoyed receiving attention from others, handwritten notes of love and affirmation from friends, and dreaming of the day when my one true Valentine would come and sweep me off my feet.

Be My Valentine.

What do those words really mean? “If you love me, then you will bring me flowers”. If you love me then, you will take me out to dinner. If you love me then, you will remember to tell me. If you love me, then…..” For me, Valentines Day can often be a day where I put unrealistic expectations on a man whom I already know loves me and shouldn’t have to prove it with flowers and chocolates….

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    i think valentine’s day is only for mom’s coz if you see reality your love and your life is only is your mom.happy valentine’s day to all moms.

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