Protect Little Fingers With Jamm Products

Today Marc Ward is going to share with us about a wonderful product he created to help keep our little one’s fingers safe. Be sure and enter the giveaway at the bottom. We are going to have 25 winners.


Jamm was founded in 2011 after our young son caught his fingers in our living room door. Like all toddlers, Oscar is inquisitive and lively, and conventional door stops proved no match.

Jamm Products slide under the end of the door keeping it firmly in place, and not allowing the hinge end of the door to close at all. It is toddler (and pet) proof and easy to use. Our doorstop is in constant use in our home, and gives us real peace of mind in all the fun and chaos of having young children!

Why is the Jamm doorstop the best in the world?

Simply put, it works in a unique way. Due to the sloping sides of the Door Jamm, our stop is held firmly in place whichever direction you move the door in.

When push and pull come to shove, our doorstop will stay firm, providing a child and pet friendly solution that no other door stop can match.


It works on all floor surfaces, and comes in a range of colors.You can watch the video and see just how the Jamm Doorstop can help your little ones to stop smashing their fingers in the door.

Please see the Jamm website for a demonstration of how it could help you. If you would like to talk to them about stocking Jamm Products in your store, use their contact form to send them a message.

Enter to win

25 winners are going to get a set of 2 Jamm products to use in their home. To enter, leave a comment here letting us know which Jamm color is your favorite.

This giveaway will end on March 3rd and winners will be chosen by and announced in the weekly Around the Blogosphere post.

Disclosure: This post is part of a promotional campaign with Jamm Products. All opinions are our own.


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