The Best Local Deals Can Be Found With Daily Scoup

You know how those Extreme Couponers clip coupons for 40 hours a week? They stockpile noodles, shampoo, hot sauce, and toilet paper, and they spend their weekends dumpster diving for coupons. Well, that’s not me.

I don’t have the time nor  the energy or enthusiasm for hard core couponing. But, if you talk to me about deals, you’ll definitely get my attention.

Deals may mean the difference between my family doing an activity and NOT doing it. Recently, my kids sampled pricey fudge. My phone got a sweet “skin” cover. My husband got a bluetooth for his phone. We bounced to our heart’s content at a local indoor trampoline place. How did we do all this? All of these activities and things were courtesy of deals found.

Seriously, if you look hard enough you can find a deal for anything, but, many of the deals are not cheap. If you read the small print, you’ll find exclusions and such. Or, the deal itself is super expensive and really, when a deal is pricey is it that much of a deal?

A new site just launched that I know will pique your attention as much as it did mine. The site is a national and local deal site with a twist. The twist? What makes them different is that you only pay $1 to reserve the deal. That’s right just $1 can reserve a deal for you and your family to enjoy. Now that’s what I call a sweet deal.

The Daily Scoup offers great deals and coupons to local and national merchants. Choose from restaurants, events, spas, activities, and more in your local area. The Daily Scoup is different to other deal sites because you only have to pay $1 to reserve each deal. The deals are called Scoupons. So how do you pay for the rest of the deal after you pay the $1 to the merchant? Well, you pay the rest of the money to the merchant directly.

The Daily Scoup tells 5 Minutes for Mom why people love the Daily Scoup:

  • merchants “love it because they don’t give 50% of their sales like they would to other deal sites.”
  • customers “don’t spend their hard earned cash until they visit the merchant, when they are ready to buy.”

After you buy the Scoupon from the Daily Scoup, you and your family take the Scoupon to the merchant and pay the balance of the deal. That’s it. Just sit back and let the fun begin!

You can find out more about The Daily Scoup by:

Now, go find a Scoupon in your area!

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