Turn Spelling Homework into a Valentine’s Day Activity

Julia gets bored with practicing the spelling words she’s assigned weekly at school. Thanks to Pinterest, I’ve realized how simple it is to add a creative boost into otherwise repetitive homework.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, and with help from Pinterest, we turned her spelling homework into a fun craft.

Valentines Day Spelling Activity

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We cut out hearts – 10 large red ones and many little white ones – and she wrote the letters on the little white hearts. Then to form each of her 10 spelling words, she placed the white letter hearts on the large red hearts.

She went a little crazy taping them down and made different patterns with the tape on each heart. But she had fun and practiced her spelling words.

A Valentine’s Day (and Pinterest) spelling success!


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    Homework, surely is the most boring activity for kids. LOL. I guess we really have to mix some fun activities, like your arts and crafts, with our kids homework. This would get their attention longer. Sometimes I even make up songs or acrostics for my kids to memorize important lessons. :)

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