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I want to tell you about HALO.

I have personally been a fan of their products since 2005, the year my first son was born. It was winter and knowing you can’t put blankets on babies, I purchased several sleepsacks. I had seen them at Babies R Us and fell in love upon seeing how soft and warm they looked.

HALO sleepsacks are a wearable blanket that is made safe for babies. It is designed to be worn over pajamas so it it sleeveless and zips up the front so the baby is still able to move his or her arms. Designed to replace loose blankets in the crib that can cover your baby’s face and interfere with breathing, the sleepsacks were designed by a father who lost his first child to SIDS.

When my twins were born in 2007 I put them in the HALO sleepsacks, as well as the swaddle. In the years since HALO has developed some other products to go along with their sleepsacks.

Did you use bumpers in the crib with your kids? I definitely did. Until the day I found one of the twins with his body half under the bumper. He was fine but it scared me enough to remove them from both cribs and that was it. The American Academy of Pediatrics now says “no” to crib bumpers (and I completely understand why)! In response, HALO has developed its own Safe Sleep Crib Set.

The Safe Sleep Crib Set is a five-piece set that consists of a HALO SleepSack wearable blanket, SleepSack Swaddle (both in 100% cotton); two coordinating crib sheets in soft cotton jersey; and a matching crib skirt, which retails for $115. So much more for your money than purchasing the bedding sets with the bumpers and large blankets that you don’t even end up using!

With a variety of choices, you are sure to find something that will match your baby’s nursery. My Dog Sam in blue, Friendly Caterpillar in a light green, Serengeti Green, Serengeti Blue, Jumbo’s Garden in pink and Caroline’s Garden in pink with flowers. Check them out today! Even if you aren’t having a baby yourself this makes an awesome gift for a new or soon to be mom. You can also follow HALO on Facebook.

Enter to win

One 5 Minutes for Mom reader will get her very own Friendly Caterpillar set pictured above. To enter the giveaway simply leave a comment here letting us know what you think of the SleepSack.

This giveaway will end February 24th and a winner will be chosen by and announced in our weekly Around the Blogosphere post.

Liza is a blogger and freelance writer.  She resides in Rhode Island with her husband and 3 active boys – a five year old and identical twin four year olds.  When she isn’t taking someone to sports practice or a game, she can be found on her personal blog Cira’s Lyrics writing about chaos and family.  She writes for an online shopping blog Buy-Her and is a review/giveaway writer at 5 Minutes for Mom.  Liza is also in the process of relaunching The Mommy Gamer – a blog about video gaming, board games, toys and all things entertainment for kids. 

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