Shop With Zuuzs and Save Up To 30% For You and Your Friends

I love shopping online. It saves me so much time and energy — especially when I don’t have a lot to go around of either one! What I love even more about shopping online is when I can save money and spread that savings around to my friends and family as well.

About Zuuzs

There are other shopping sites that reward you for purchases, and some that let you share socially on their site. Then again, there are some that offer you incentives for introducing your friends to their site. Zuuzs delivers you a perfect trifecta – easy shopping, fun sharing, and cash rewards on your purchases and the purchases of friends and family that you invite. The more friends you invite and the more you all shop, the you more fun you’ll have and the more you’ll earn. Zuuzs is the place where friends meet to shop, share AND earn.


The thing that I love about shopping through Zuuzs is that I get the same great prices I get at the store, but by purchasing through Zuuzs, I will be earning cash back, so in essence I am saving and not spending more! Plus, I get to let my friends in on a great deal.

What is buying power?

Buying Power is Zuuzs reward to you – by doing simple things, including selecting your favorite retailers & shopping categories, having friends join, and making purchases through, you can increase your cash back rate on your own purchases. When a direct friend makes a purchase through zuuzs, you can also increase your own buying power.

In short, they reward you for what you love to do – shop & share!

So be sure and go and check them out. I am now off to shop!

Disclosure: This post is part of a promotional campaign with Zuuzs. All opinions are our own.


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