Our Prego Fun With Food Winner

Thank you to everyone who voted in our Prego Fun with Food Photo Contest.
I am sure that it wasn’t easy deciding between the adorable top 20 finalists.

Thank you Prego®, for providing the great prize of a $500.00 grocery gift card.

understands that it can be hard to make delicious and nutritious meals at home on a budget, but with their variety of Italian Sauces they want to remind you that you can whip together dinners that taste great and help you save money in the grocery aisle!

Make sure that you check out their fantastic, low cost, healthy recipes at Prego.com.

Congratulations to #4 – Michelle at Big Blueberry Eyes – for her winning photo.

Fun Food 4

Be sure to visit Michelle, to see what she plans on doing with her prize.


  1. says

    Thanks to 5MFM for hosting this contest, thanks to Prego for sponsoring it, and thanks to everyone who voted! I’m thrilled that we won as this will help me give to my community since I’m going to donate the grocery gift card to the local soup kitchen/food bank. Thank you!

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