Do You Wish You Were In Better Shape?

As I sit here on my couch, with my laptop on lap, I’m not as comfortable as I should be. There’s something in my way… and it isn’t my laptop.

It’s the extra inches of fat that have taken form around my middle.

Now to be clear… this is Susan talking, NOT Janice. If you’ve seen Janice lately, you know that she is incredibly skinny these days and doesn’t have any inches to lose.

But while Janice has been carefully watching her calories over the last several months, I’ve been emotionally eating.

My weight gain had a lot to do with such naughty treats as the tubs of Ben & Jerry’s that somehow found their way to my home. But another real and unfortunate factor was that I hurt my back three months ago while lifting my sleeping 4 yr old and I was unable to even walk for weeks. 

After a couple months of chiropractor treatments, I’m finally now able to resume exercise.

But losing this unwanted 15 lbs is not going to be easy. So I’ve signed up for the Quaker Heart Health Challenge and I’m committing to get back in shape.

My favorite exercise is a fast, long power walk in the fresh air. But, it’s winter… and walking in the pouring rain is not fun. Fortunately, I discovered that the treadmill in our townhouse’s community common area is working again. (Whenever I’d tried in years gone by, it hadn’t worked.)

So I’m committed to power walking on the treadmill for at least 45 minutes, 3 times a week. I’m also going to pull out some of my exercise videos, and give those a whirl. I love yoga and pilates, so I’m going to get my mat out and try out some poses again. I’ve banned Ben & Jerry from my home and I’m stocking up on veggies and dip.

I may not be as skinny as Janice when BlogHer comes round this summer, but I will be in shape.

How about you? Do you wish you were in better shape? Do you want to join me in this challenge?

Joining the Quaker Heart Health Challenge is my first step towards becoming a healthier me. Now I’m curious to know, what motivates you to stay healthy?

For your chance to win $750 complete these two steps:

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