Green Valentine’s Ideas with Pure Natural Diva

Green chocolates??? Green flowers???

Coco-Zen Fair Trade ChocolateYes! For every Valentine’s gift, it seems there is an alternative to make it a green Valentine’s Day.

From fair trade chocolate, to bamboo underwear, to organic candles, to organic flowers, the list of green valentine’s ideas is varied and fabulous.

In this video, Tania Reuben, from Pure Natural Diva, shares with me some of her favorite green Valentine’s gifts and creative Valentine’s ideas.

(We had such a blast shooting this impromptu video last weekend with the talented Kimberley Blaine, aka The Go-To Mom, behind the camera. Thanks Kimberley!)

To learn more about the green Valentine’s gifts in the video, head over to Pure Natural Diva.

Thanks again to Kimberley Blaine for shooting this video at 9pm on a Friday night, while we relaxed at her house during my trip to LA. So fun!

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Written by Janice Croze, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom.

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