Join the Sleep Sense Affiliate Program and Earn Some Extra Cash

Earn Generous Commissions by Helping Other Sleep-Deprived Parents Finally Get a Good Night’s Rest

(You’ll get $16.45 for every referred sale!)


I love what I do online — sharing with other parents and connecting with them and talking about our parenting resources. We pool and we help, because that is what parents do, right?

What I love even more is when I can share about something that has made a difference in my parenting, but also be able to draw a little extra income in on the side from sharing about the resource.

The Sleep Sense Program is just one of those resources.

Here’s how the Sleep Sense Affiliate Program works…

As a Sleep Sense affiliate, you will earn a generous 35% commission every time you refer a visitor who ends up purchasing a copy of my healthy sleep training guide, The Sleep Sense Program.

Since the program costs $47, that means you get an easy $16.45 per sale!

All you have to do is sign up for free using the form at the bottom of this page, and you’ll be given your own special “referral link” that you can use to send people to our website.

Everyone who clicks on your referral link is then attached to your affiliate ID… and if one of your referrals buys The Sleep Sense Program in the next 60 days, your 35% commission automatically gets attributed to your affiliate account.

… And on the 1st of every month, you’ll receive a nice deposit in your PayPal account.

Helping other parents learn how their child sleeps best might be just the push you need in earning a little income to help your family out. Not sure if this program is right for you or not? Here are 6 reasons you should join!

6 reasons why you should join today

Here are just a few of the reasons why you should become a Sleep Sense Affiliate today:

  1. It’s free to join. There’s no risk involved in joining the program. Just grab your affiliate link and use it when you have the opportunity.
  2. You can work your own hours. Spend quality time with your child, knowing you can work only during nap time and in the evenings and still make good money.
  3. They offer high conversion rates. Their website visitor-to-customer conversion rates are much higher than the industry average, so if you send someone to me you’ll know there’s a much higher chance she’ll become a customer.
  4. You can make good money. You’ll make at least 10 times more with their program than what you’d make posting Amazon affiliate links or Google Ads on your site.
  5. Low return rate. Very few people who buy Dana’s products ever return them. That’s because her strategies really work.
  6. All you have to do is send Sleep Sense the visitors and they’ll take care of everything else. You don’t have to worry about shipping and handling or customer service issues—that’s Dana’s job.

So what are you waiting for?

How do I get started?

Simply fill out the sign-up form on their website—and you can get started right away!

Sign me up!

Yes, I’m excited to help exhausted parents finally get a good night’s sleep

… and make good money in the process!


This is part of a promotional campaign for the Sleep Sense Program. All opinions are our own.


  1. says

    Hi Jennifer

    I am so much excited to see the commission rates that sleep sense program offers. I did read the terms and conditions, but what I am unable to find is the cookie expiry of each affiliate tracked. Do you have any idea of the expiry of the link cookies that is used to track sales our sales? How should be go about that? Thanks!

  2. Emeka Madusha says

    She does not approve affiliate applications. I have applied for over 2 months and then the site said dana would get back in 2 days. its months now…nothing

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