TJ’s Picture Dictionary-FREE for 3 Days Only!

TJ and Pals is giving away one of their most popular apps for free! TJ’s Picture Dictionary is a fun way for children to learn and understand word definitions. When you tap on any picture in the dictionary – it immediately enlarges, with a defining sound effect! Kids love it! From today through Sunday you can get TJ’s Picture Dictionary for free!


All of the apps created by Umachaka Media encourage kids to learn while having fun. The company has designed creative and educational apps based on the characters in the TJ & Pals website, dedicated to children ages 3-5. The activities on the preschool website revolve around the lives of an inquisitive pencil named TJ and his group of buddies, as they take kids on a journey of games, songs, videos, and stories–all incorporating the concept of “learning while playing.”

Kids love TJ’s Picture Dictionary. When a child taps on any picture in the dictionary, it immediately enlarges, with a defining sound effect. This app is great for developing basic word recognition, which encourages reading.

Hop on over to the Itunes store and grab your copy before it goes back to it’s original price of .99!

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