Kid I.D. Bands Ease Your Mind

I think one of the worst moments of my life was when Mister Man was four and he disappeared. We were at our town’s Fourth of July parade and it had just ended. There were four adults and two children. When we announced that the parade was over and we were going to head back to the car, everyone assumed someone else was watching the children. We picked up our blankets and chairs and bags before finally starting to gather ourselves, which was when we realized Mister Man was gone.

G-O-N-E. He was nowhere in sight,  as people milled around us heading either toward town celebrations or toward their cars. We panicked and started searching in all directions. We were lucky that we found him, toe dragging in the dirt, at the corner a block away. He’s high functioning autistic, and when we said we were going to go back to the car, he took it literally and started walking, not ever noticing there was no one with him.

At that age, he knew his name but not mine and definitely not our phone number. The situation easily could have been disastrous, and we quickly learned to write our information on a piece of paper and put it in his pocket, a somewhat unwieldy solution. I would have loved to have a Kid I.D. Band at that time, as well as one for my daughter.



The Kid I.D. Band allows you to put your contact information and any other critical information about your child on the band itself. Does your child have a nut or latex allergy? Covered. Epileptic? It’s there. Phone number? Got it. All those things that a first responder might want to know about your child can easily be placed on the non-allergenic silicone band that your child can wear at all times. There’s no writing to fade because it’s imprinted in the silicone. There are two lines available with up to 40 characters per line, ensuring that you can include pertinent information you need.


 With six different colors, there’s sure to be one your child likes. And that’s one of the challenges – finding a solution that your child enjoys wearing. This is different from many existing alert bracelets in that it doesn’t immediately jump out as anything other than a piece of fun kid jewelry. The band comes in three sizes to ensure there’s one that will appropriately fit your child’s wrist, and the information remains on the inside of the band, so not everyone sees it.

The bands are $7.99 each whether you choose one line of text or two. Additional bands with the same info and in the same size can be purchased at a discount, just in case your child does wriggle out of the band or wears it so often that it finally needs replacing.

To find out more about Kid I.D. Bands, visit Wristband Connection on their website, Facebook, Twitter, or You Tube.

In the interest of full disclosure, I was compensated for writing this post. That said, all opinions remain my own.


This post was written by contributor Michelle who is grateful that she found Mister Man within minutes of his disappearing and continues to quiz her wee ones on their knowledge of important information like names and phone numbers. She shares this and other parenting disasters on her blog Honest & Truly!, as well as on Twitter where you can find her as @honestandtruly.


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